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Thread: Great experience with Calgary Shooting Center!

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    Thumbs Up!

    I was in this morning for some night sights and received excellent service.

    It's a great store and I wish you all the luck in the future!

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    Excellent Service

    Good Day

    I just wanted to say that I was in the other day and recieved fantastic service, first I recieved a tour of the facilities which was quite impressive
    then I ended up looking at a Classic Green by SwissArms which I ended up
    purchasing as I was given a deal to boot.

    Thank's again and good luck with the new venture.

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    Nov 2011

    Happy 1st Time Customer

    It my first time dealing with your company for the purchase of a Trijicon Accupoint optic. I was quite pleased with both your level of service and price.
    I would enjoy doing business again.



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    Thumbs up These are the good guys!

    Wandered in to CSC today, chatted with James the owner today and ordered myself a new rifle. Good guys to talk to and deal with, very friendly and approachable. If anyone hasn't been in to see these guys, do yourself a favor and stop in.


    "Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear-not absence of fear." - Mark Twain
    "When 14 or 15 rounds of 12 gauge won't solve your problem, you might want to look at something belt fed" - hickock 45

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    Well said!

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    Yeah as far as member/customer service goes these fellas are miles ahead. Consistently throughout my first membership year I have been an EXTREME pest. I've given them questions like:

    "Whats the deal with optics?"
    "What's wrong with this gun?"
    "Do you have..."
    "Can you order in..."
    "Let me look at..."
    "I broke this, Markus please fix it."

    It never seems to end with me. I'm very high maintenance. But John, James, Markus, Matt, Sergei, Norm and the weekend gang take it all with grace. Apparently, [according to James] Sergei will even open your 762x39 cans in like 45s flat. Thats service.


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    I have been in there a few times now and like the others said, great service and very nice bunch of people. I'm definitely getting a membership in the upcoming months. Cheers.

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    Thanks for the tips / help!

    To the guy who helped me lubricate my Noveske / taught me better shooting stance last weekend - thanks a lot! I didn't catch your name and had to run, but wanted to say thanks! If you ever need an AR for 3 gun - let me know and I'll be happy to lend you one of mine!

    P.S: I agree on the Aimpoint Micro - good call!

    P.S.2: the bipod is just on for photos

    To the Shooting Centre - that was my first time in the store; you have a great set of inventory and extremely helpful staff! I will definitely be coming back soon :D


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    Nice gun, kinda wish I went with the micro over the pro now. Haven't received it yet but I'm sure there'd be a major weight difference without sacrifice of quality.

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    CSC-New Purchase-New Customer: WOW

    Haven't been in Calgary for years but I had to be down there on business for a couple days. The CSC was on my list of places to get to if I had the time. I didn't get in there until about 8:00 on tuesday night and I was very impressed. The guys in there were very friendly and helpful. Actually, to friendly and helpful as far as the old Visa is concerned. The guys there showed me something I had never had an interest in. A Keltec RFB. I've handled lots of Keltec products over the last few years, and they all kind of felt like a Mattel toy to me. Boy, was I surprised when I picked up the RFB. This was a solid piece of kit. Felt good in the hands, was well balanced, heavy enough that it could handle a .308, but not overly heavy or clunky, in a NR bullpup.

    For the record: I am not a bullpup fan. They are ugly!!! and they just don't look right to me. Mount a decent sized scope and they look just plain goofy. Scope sticking out in the middle of nowhere, almost longer than the barrel. No way! Not for me!

    But, I am a fan of practical. Practical is beautiful to me. Fine figured wood is a work of art, but I've known to many guys over the years that spent big money on a rifle, only to find that it was too pretty to hunt with because they might scratch it. My rifles tend to have composite or laminate. It may not be as pretty, but it isn't affected by weather, my POI doesn't shift, and they get used and become dependable companions which makes them beautiful to me.

    So I wind up just standing at the couter, BSing with the guys. Fondling the RFB. No rush, no pressure. And then it happened. It started to feel better and better. The more I looked at it and handled it the more I could see the practical side, and the prettier it got. So out came the Visa and home it came.

    Finally had a chance today to get a scope mounted and put some rounds down range. Don't know if this is the final configuration, but I just had to try it out. All I can say is WOW!! It's still just rough-sighted but at 100 it was keeping three rounds in 1 1/2" with 150 gr. American Eagles. I'm still going to have to work with it until it is comforable and familiar, (I kept trying to find a place to stick the mag in front of the trigger guard) and find a handload that it really likes, but so far I think this one's a keeper.

    Thanks to the CSC and the great staff there for opening my eyes to a great firearm, and giving me enough time for it to speak to me. I will definately be shopping at your establishment again.

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