Hey CGN,

We've had a lot of reports from our shooters as well as friends in the industry alike that 7mm-08 is nearly nowhere to be found. A quick check at our distributors also revealed the same. Always a popular choice, and getting more popular all the time... but I guess that comes with a price when it comes to scarcity this year. If your local shop has some, you may be in the minority at the moment since several of our customers and all of our distributors have been on a warpath trying to get some for the season.

If, like a lot of us, your local shop DOESN'T have 7mm-08, we have a tiny amount of it here at the shop that Craig managed to get in front of our faces. So if you're on the fence of being able to hunt or unable to hunt this season, or you ran out right after getting your deer this year, we have individual boxes available while supplies last. I think we have nearly two cases here, which is not many boxes if you're countin'!

Federal Fusion 20RND Box 140GR 7mm-08


All normal ammo restrictions for shipping apply here. First come, first serve on a per-box basis, so hopefully we can get as many of you up and shooting as possible before we run dry on this last of our 7mm-08.