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Thread: What (if any) brands are made in the North America?

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    What (if any) brands are made in the North America?

    Hello Doug,

    2 questions for you:

    Which of the product lines that you carry are made in North America?

    Of those brands (if any), what would you recommend as your best "value" monocular? I'd like to keep it sub-$150 including shipping (to Canada).

    The three in particular I've seen on your website are:
    Minox MD 8x42 CWP Monocular
    Vortex Solo R/T 8x36 Tactical Monocular
    ZRS HD-M 8x42 Waterproof Monocular

    Of these, which would you recommend for occasional use in rainy/sub-zero conditions and which is the most rugged (because it's going to be dropped eventually).

    Thanks a bunch.

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    I do not know of anything that is "Made in North America"
    The three you mention are all of Asian build (IMO, the Minox would be the better of them)
    Some mfg's have assembly done here in the USA (Zeiss Conquest and Minox riflescopes are assembled in the USA but the parts are not made here)
    Thank you
    If there is anything else that I can assist you with please let me know.

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