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Thread: Norinco M14S/M305 stocks

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    Norinco M14S/M305 stocks

    Ellwood Epps has recently acquired a number of re-painted stocks to fit the Norinco M14S and PolyTech M305 rifles. These stocks were originally painted in the green-on-black camouflage pattern, but have been repainted in a brown digital desert camo pattern.

    Retail prices:

    Metal fittings minus sling swivels -- $159.00

    Stripped (no fittings) -- $125.00

    We also have complete rifles with these newly-painted stocks available!
    Retail pricing on these guns is

    Please add applicable sales taxes to all pricing.

    Contact Ellwood Epps Sporting Goods for more details.

    E-mail: info@ellwoodepps.com
    Phone: 705.689.5333
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    Please note that we do not check this board on a regular basis. Therefore, all inquiries should be addressed as follows:

    For all inquiries concerning firearms and accessories, please contact us at the following E-mail address: info@ellwoodepps.com.

    Requests for photographs may be addressed to photos@ellwoodepps.com.

    Alternately, you may contact any of our sales staff at (705) 689.5333.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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