We endeavor to keep all prices current but due to the large quantity of products we carry, price corrections do not always happen as quickly as we would like. Please use any prices quoted on this forum as a guide only, we do not have the time to go back and correct earlier posts when prices change. Prices on our E-commerce web site should always be current. Please e-mail Sales@wolverinesupplies.com at any time for a price check.

Due to factors outside of our control such as changes in International currency’s, fuel surcharges etc we reserve the right to adjust prices at any time. The only time we are bound to honour previously quoted prices is when we have accepted a deposit for the item in question.

Manufactures can change product details, they often do, and sometimes this happens with out our prior knowledge so we reserve the right to change product specifications at any time.

Here at Wolverine Supplies we pride ourselves on keeping our customers informed on Product news and changes and keeping our prices up to date, we are human and mistakes do happen, if we have erred please bring the details to my attention. We advise all customers to please confirm the price at time of purchase, this will avoid any possible misunderstanding.