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Thread: Wool Blankets

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    Quote Originally Posted by killer1963daddy View Post
    i cant believe the excitement over wool blanckets!
    We are an easily amused group... beside, who wouldn't be excited to buy a blanket from store!

    Can't wait to see the wife's reaction when the parcel comes in... 2 blankets... with 2 crates of ammo (It was a package deal, I swear!)
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    Add me for 1 at 25oz please

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    If they are 100% natural wool non of that polyseter or polyester like material added I wouldnt love 2.

    Are you bringing any baby freindly sized ones?

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    The interest is not surprising considering all inexpensive blankets in stores are rubbish. Don`t get me started on those fleece ones. I`ve bought surplus blankets from many countries. Retail store ``China`` made do not compare. Hudson`s Bay ones are worth it but too nice for field use. I recall that India has companies that manufacture canvas tents for militaries,etc. and they take their textiles seriously. The Swiss Army blankets are expensive and collectible these days. India made a reproduction that I`ve heard is good quality for the money.

    This endeavor will indeed fill a void since European made military blankets are selling out and many surplus stores are out. Just look online. A decade ago everybody was selling the Italian ones for about $20 US. Heavy, itchy, and extremely durable. Century Vallen has made in Canada blankets. The 100% is about $60, and they have ones with less wool mixed with other fibres for cheaper. The tag says made in Canada but no company name. The weight isn`t much or the thickness. They sell em for emergency use at workplaces, 1st aid rooms.

    CanAM, I`ll buy one or two, and hopefully reorder. Keep them plain without stripes. More weight is the goal, not bed appearance. These should have characteristics for field use more than home use. Any of the colors, browns, or olive drab will mask dirt well. Charcoal color.

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    we plan to supply the field and home market, given the void there appears to be in both.
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    Me too.

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    I would be interested in one

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJdeadlyDALEK View Post
    Is it odd that so many of us gunnutz want blankets?
    Absolutely not, after all; "Happiness is a warm gun." What better way to keep yourself and your guns warm after a day of shooting in the winter?

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    how much longer? i want wool blankets now!
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    i want a couple!
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