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Thread: Calgary Shooting Centre BROKEN INTO !!! Oct10/11 - 2012

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    Calgary Shooting Centre BROKEN INTO !!! Oct10/11 - 2012

    Just saw the news...


    Was gonna stop by today, but didn't.

    Has everything (stolen) been catalogued ?

    Best wishes, & hope they get your guns back.

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    Police are on the hunt for at least 30 firearms stolen from a Calgary shooting range, now presumably in the hands of criminals who are in the crosshairs of investigators.
    Presumably? What, you think that maybe the people that stole the guns are upstanding citizens?

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    sucks for sure, let's hope they find the ppl responsible and the firearms. hopefully this doesn't get blown way out of proportion by media or the general public... I was in there Wednesday night chatting with some of the guys there, good folk at the shop, hoping for the best!!

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    This is horrible news. My Girlfriend and I made a point to visit this shop while we were in Calgary for labor day. The best customer service ever! We hope whoever is behind the theft is brought to justice.

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    thats a shame im sure if it was criminals they probaly left the mausers and hi end stuff to steel 300 prohibs and some semis
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    I for one would be keeping an eye on non-restricted (subtitle: unregistered) section of the EE, for any local calgary sales.

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    There's a thread in the news section

    The Edmonton Sun:

    CALGARY — At least 30 stolen guns are on city streets after a southeast shooting range was ransacked Thursday morning.
    A window was shattered at the Calgary Shooting Centre about 4 a.m., police said, and thieves may have used a truck to skirt the metal security to get inside.
    “Once inside, the suspects smashed several display cases,” duty inspector Patty McCallum told reporters at police headquarters late Thursday.
    McCallum declined to comment on how long the crooks were inside, but said security patrollers responded to the shop at 7130 Fisher Road S.E. shortly after the break-in.
    Investigators are withholding what weapons were taken.
    Police are now hunting for at least three suspects, but they were unable to give descriptions.
    When asked about the possibility it was an inside job, McCallum said “that would be an avenue we are pursuing.”
    However, she added, investigators aren’t narrowing their search at this time.
    The robbery has authorities alarmed.
    Thieves rarely target gun shops, McCallum said, adding: “It’s always a concern to law enforcement agencies when you have several guns taken.”
    An official from the Calgary Shooting Centre declined to comment when reached late Thursday.

    According to its website, the centre carries “a full line of hand guns, rifles, shotguns, ammunition and accessories.” It also houses shooting lanes and a cinema range.
    Police said all firearms were stored properly at the facility.
    J.R. Cox, owner of The Shooting Edge Inc., said gun ranges must have alarm systems, house weapons in secure storage and be constantly monitored.
    “Most companies go far beyond that,” Cox said.
    “We don’t sell cotton candy,” he added. “We’re expected to have as tight of security as possible.”

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    No cotton candy? They just lost my business...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ratfor View Post
    I for one would be keeping an eye on non-restricted (subtitle: unregistered) section of the EE, for any local calgary sales.
    My friend and I've ever visited the store a couple months ago. Good store and lot of good stuff in our opinions. As ratfor mentioned, the stolen non-restricted/restricted firearms could be in the black market not just in Calgary or Alberta, but anywhere by now (figure out how the car at 100-120km/hr within 24hrs can go). So, we need to be vigilant at buying firearms at this time.

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    A list of what was stolen would be useful in this regard.

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