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Thread: Xander Customs M14S M1A Stock

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    Xander Customs M14S M1A Stock

    All designs depicted herein are the intellectual and proprietary property of Xander Customs

    All designs depicted herein are the intellectual and proprietary property of Xander Customs

    I started writing a book and then realized the pictures speak for themselves.

    Price $700 an extra $25 to paint your handguard with armacoat.

    The stock is designed to give a good bedding action to the majority of rifles without any additions. That being said, a minority of rifles may require shims. Stainless steel adhesive shims will be included (may be stuck or adhered to the "wings" of the trigger group). Most rifles should not require this.

    The Op Rod Guide is made from aluminum but uses threaded steel inserts (as shown in the picture). It puts an optimal and very small amount amount of tension on the barrel and firmly locks into the rifle with 3 bolts. There is no spring pin. This is completely unnecessary.

    Set screws at the front of the stock allow a small adjustment of barrel harmonics and prevent barrel whip. This unique design concept is proprietary to me as are all the shapes and concepts of my designs.

    There are two drilled and tapped holes above where the buttstock screws in. These are there to accommodate accessories that may become available in the future and to provide an extra mounting point for customers who may wish to do their own customization projects in conjunction with my stock.


    You can't really see the threaded steel inserts in the picture as everything is painted. They prevent stripping the threads over time if you take your rifle out of the stock every now and then for a deep cleaning. Also, this design provides good repeatability (holding your zero) if you were to take your rifle out of the stock and put it back in.
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    What a work of art!
    It's not the equipment, it's you!

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    ....I just saw it in person 7 hours ago. All i can say is wow.

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    I would have been more impressed if you had continued to use comic sans haha, but the stock looks sweet. I need more projects like I need a kick in the nuts but that looks like a place to put a shorty. Nice work man.

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    Ok, this was completley under my radar, this thing is a sexy beast.

    My favorite thing about my USGI glass stock is how slender it is up front, and this looks the same if not more slender.
    An upgraded op-rod guide, detachable rails and something new in the "barrel harmonic adjusting set screws", interesting.

    Is the opening above the grip just to save weight?
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    I have to admit that the slender forearm is very appealing. A word of advice though...try to get your installation guide under 16 pages. Your end user will appreciate it! All the best.

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    when i get back from the states, i want one
    nice clean lines, no cheese grater effect.
    simply beautiful
    I'll be in touch but please put my name on one
    BC lowermainland M14 clinic dec 6/7 , couple spots left
    and if yer from Cold Lake Alberta and I have yer M305..... please message me

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    Must resist urge to buy a new shorty to put in there....

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    Very nice work!

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    weight etc?
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