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Thread: Xander Customs M14S M1A Stock

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    are there going to be other colours?
    I know, it's going to be so awesome! /)^ε^(\

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unagi604 View Post
    are there going to be other colours?
    Read post # 18

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    A few clarifications and updates,

    The stock does not include the buttstock or grip. Obvious to most, but some are new, and I should have clarified. My stock will accept any buttstock or grip designed to be used on an AR-15. It actually looks quite nice with a Magpul CTR and sling plate.

    Prices do not include taxes or shipping.

    I am taking orders via PM. I will be filling a number of orders this month.

    The stock requires a scope mount and optic. It is designed to give a good cheek weld with an optic. I have discussed the use of iron sights in my thread featuring my prototypes and some of the options I'm considering.

    Quote Originally Posted by Unagi604 View Post
    Kind of want a M14 now... Any plans to do mass production and possibility of it effecting price?
    I'm a shop of one. I design, fabricate, and market all on my own. I don't have the capacity to do high volume output.

    If I could partner with a larger manufacturer then I could also work on some of the designs I've been considering for different platforms. Or perhaps that will just take time for me to do on my own.

    For a solid piece of milled aluminum the price is reasonable. Especially when you compare with let's say an AR15 receiver, that may be forged to begin with, and the size of my stock in comparison.

    That's the end of the price discussion.

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    Very Nice!!

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    Looks awesome!

    Really makes me want a m1a!!

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    No photos of builds?

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    Nice to see another stock option! The Norinco M14/M305 has really brought forth some great builders/fabricators!

    I would really consider it, but it leaves me in the same boat as my CQB stock. I want to be able to use iron sights, and switch to an optic. I know cannot have everything.


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    has anybody bought one of these? i was in contact with Xander customs interested in one but didn't wanna be the first to buy one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xander Customs View Post
    The most expensive part about purchasing an aluminum chassis is buying one you don't quite like and then selling it on the EE for half of what you paid only to buy something else later. I'm working on ways to reduce my price. The big manufactures can give better prices. I'm a little guy. Also, when people purchase a Norinco, they somehow expect any stock to be on par with what they paid for their rifle (compare this to a springfield M1A). This is a Canadian made aluminum chassis with many aspects of it being hand crafted and finished. I don't want to hear another word about it.


    Well here's another word about it, anyway. It's out of my price range but that's entirely my fault, not yours. It's a fine piece of work you've done and if I could afford it, I would and I understand why it costs what it costs for one guy to design it and make them one at a time to a high standard of quality. I still might get a M305 and I'll be envying those who can put this stock on theirs while I Krylon the Chinese original and make do.
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    Great work Xander Customs totally support the direction you are going with this....Sounds like someone I would most definitely do business with super straight forward with no BS.
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