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Thread: TNW Aero Survival Rifle

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    Got any coming in .17hmr?
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    It doesn't have iron sights. Survival rifle? Hmm...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cgnnut View Post
    It doesn't have iron sights. Survival rifle? Hmm...
    Is this a question or a statement?
    They are built modular so that one can choose to add their choice of optic .
    Be it a reflex sight a BUIS or your scope of choice.
    Now, if you wished they chose those for you the price would increase and then some would complain it came with x-type of optic and not the y-type.
    I'm still trying to decide what one to add to mine.. scope or 45 deg offset buis or reflex sight.
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    Love ours so much we are going to buy a 2nd and maybe a 3rd one. Great little rifle.
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