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After months and months of waiting, we finally received two CZ Czechmate Open Gun in 9x19! We are selling them for 3599.99$ with 6 magazines! This is a great gun for anyone looking to compete in Open division in IPSC. They come all geared-up and ready for competition directly out of the box.

From CZ's website:

The CZ 75 TS Czechmate in cal. 9mm Luger is the latest addition to the Tactical Sports family of pistols designed especially for sport shooting according to the rules of IPSC, the Open Division. This pistol represents an absolute zenith, not only by precision of fit and finish, but also by a wide range of accessories available directly in its standard version. The handgun is custom-built, therefore the quality of workmanship is fully comparable with race pistols built directly to IPSC shooters wishes. Individual parts and components are excellently match fitted, broke-in and tested. Every handgun is outfitted with a four-port compensator, nut for shooting without a compensator, the slide stop with an extended finger piece, the slide stop without a finger piece, ergonomic grip panels from aluminium with a new type pitting and side mounting provision with the C-More red dot sight. For the shooting without a red dot sight there is included a standard target rear sight of Tactical Sports type, package contains also the front sight.

**Long (stick) magazine not included**

The gun comes with:

- C-More, compensator, magwell, aluminum grips and slide-racker already installed;
- 6 magazines with rubber basepads;
- Bushing front sight and rear sight to convert it to an iron sights gun;
- Spare slide-stop;
- Spare extractor;
- Cleaning accessories and gun oil;
- Instruction CD.

Price: 3599.99$

If you need more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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