we have a bunch for these incoming.


kevlar 6x6 by 1/4 inch soft .
Level III
NIJ O6 standard
9mm 124 gr 5 shot No back force deformation
44mag 220grs 3 shot 20-25mm back force deformation
weight 0.230 Kg each

will stop up to 44mag

Black poly outer finish to aid in being waterproof.
These are being made for us by a north american company, not china.

we are offering pre sales untill the end of the year with delivery first week of jan 2013

$99.99 per set of 2 inc shipping + your taxs

5yr warranty.

Dec 2012 production.
100% new not Remanufactuered from scrap.

Standard rules apply.
Need copy of PAL or leo, mil ID before shipping

These are perfect for your Blue force Gear LMAC or any other plate carrier with side cover.

No refunds unless product is defective.

we have tested these products ourselfs and are very happy, infact exceed NIJ LII 006 standard.
Look for some test videos from us later this month.

Dealers please email us for priceing.