Hi everyone,

We just received our second shipment of SV Infinity firearms and we have one gun in stock available for purchase.

The gun is an SV infinity Custom Open gun in 38 Super Comp. The gun is all tricked-out and ready to go for competition and comes with the aluminum C-More. It has an SV Signature steel grip with the Mobius cutout, steel magwell with micro-pockets, ambidextrous safety extra-wide on the left side, thumb shield installed on the left side, steel 45 degrees angled slide-racker installed on the left side, triple excelerated QB hammer, Infinity AET (accuracy enhancement technology) hybrid barrel with titanium nitrate finish and titanium compensator with two ports on top and two on each side. The gun has a special Infinicoat Black finish which is a really dark and extremely resistant finish.


The price is 6699.99$

If you have any question, please let me know.

Best regards,