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Thread: Christmas Sale // Vente de NoŽl 2012

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    Looking to buy Eotech g33 magnifier do you have in stock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drucifer View Post
    What's shipping cost on a case of .357 to Toronto?
    Shipping for a case of 357 to Toronto would be arround 30-40$ depending on your postal code. Please send us an email at info@crafm.com with your postal code and we will calculate the excat shipping cost for you.

    Quote Originally Posted by alter3d View Post
    Do you have EOtech 552's or 517's in stock?
    Unfortunately, those are not models that we usually keep in stock as we have very little demand for them. If you would like to place a special order, please send us an email at info@crafm.com.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cdnhunter117 View Post
    Shipping cost for223/1000rds to Windsor (southern) ontario? Thanks!
    Sorry but we have been sold out of PMC 223 since day 1 of our sale. We have been so busy that I didn't get a chance to answer before now! Thank you for your interest!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kanwar88 View Post
    Tried to use the site but firearms don't show in product gallery. Interested in Daniel Defense M4V5, and aimpoint pro.
    We do not sell Daniel Defense complete rifles, only rails and parts. As for the Aimpoint Pro, they have been sold out for a few weeks now. We will be getting more after New Year though.

    Quote Originally Posted by p0kerplayer View Post
    Looking to buy Eotech g33 magnifier do you have in stock?
    We sure do! They are at 602.99$ regular price on special at 542.69$!

    Thank you everyone for your patience! We have been receiving a lot of emails and PM's lately and I am doing my best to answer everyone as fast as I can. We really appreciate your support!

    Best regards,

    Centre Rťcrťatif d'Armes ŗ Feu de Montrťal (CRAFM)
    Montreal Firearms Recreational Center
    Club de Tir de Montrťal (CTM)

    T 514.635.4867
    F 514.635.4868



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