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Thread: On the fence

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    On the fence

    So, I have an older H&K Mark 23, and the proprietary H&K all weather finish bla bla bla is starting to wear around the sites and on top of the barrel where the slide moves over it.

    Pondering sending it off to the Arma-Coat guys to work their magic.

    I have a few questions though:

    Obviously, this is a fairly pricey pistol. I'd like to keep it around for some time yet, but would this damage the resale value VS the wear?

    Secondly, what is armacoat's wearing like in places of high wear like said top of the barrel?

    Would armacoating it be the best route to go, or one of the other finishes a better option?
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    There should be no resale value loss unless this is a collectible item. You are enhancing the finish on the pistol slide and making it to new condition so I see it as a benefit as the gun is used regularily. If you are looking to keep it a factory look a Nitron finish would look good too and it would not be noticeable in any way from a factory finish. Anything else let us know.
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