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Thread: I Gave CameraLand a try...

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    I Gave CameraLand a try...

    A couple weeks ago I decided to give Camera Land a try I was looking for a pair of new bino's for thick bush coastal blacktail deer hunting.

    I have been using 10X bino's for years for general hunting but found the magnification far to high for the thick bush I now still hunt in.

    Anyway the bino's I wanted are 7X50mm the least expensive pair I would consider buying were over $1000.00 = just can't afford them right now but during my search thru their site I found of pair of Vortex Diamondback 7X36Xmm bino's on sale from $190.00 down to $99.99 just couldn't pass them up shipping brought my total to appr $128.00...

    I was very surprised to receive the bino's as quickly as I did the shipping/delivery time was amazingly fast considering they had to come from New York and I am on the west coast of BC.

    Hunting is over for the year but I have been carrying the bino's around while I am steelhead fishing I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of these bino's didn't expect to like a pair of $100.00 bino's so much.

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    Good news. I was thinking about a pair of those. Once you give them a whirl please post a review.

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    I have the 8X42, and am really impressed with them. Very nice binos for the price, and you got a great deal on yours!
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    ordered 2 spotters and a pair of bino's, great service, great prices

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    Quote Originally Posted by lwing View Post
    ordered 2 spotters and a pair of bino's, great service, great prices
    i bought a pair of binos too after i looked through lwings,great to deal with

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