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Thread: Burris Optics and Mounts IN STOCK

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    Lightbulb Burris Optics and Mounts IN STOCK

    Just a quick one before the day runs out on us: we have stock on Burris products in proper quantities once more. FastFires, red dot cantilevers, PEPR mounts, and more!

    Burris AR-132 1x Red Dot Sight


    AR-based mounting height with ten levels of brightness, designed for use on tactical rifles and built to take the abuse of centerfire cartridges. Provides a no magnification red dot for fast target acquisition and accurate, rapid fire.

    Burris Fast Fire II 1x Micro Red Dot Sight


    Low profile, rugged, clear; built for use as a lightweight pistol optic, a .22 optic, or as a backup red dot for tactical centerfire rifles. Ideal for use as a sporting shotgun optic thanks to low mounting height.

    Burris FastFire III 1x Micro Red Dot Sight


    The next generation of FastFire sight, featuring adjustments and battery switches that do not require special tools, improved brightness controls, and a see-through protective hood for emergency use.

    Burris XTS-135 SpeedDot


    Built to last and ready to use a variety of mounting solutions. Standard 30mm tube allows the optic to be positioned on numerous rifles, providing a tailor-made solution for tactical carbines. No magnification makes for certain shots at CQB distances, variable brightness gives the shooter control over the optic in any environment or weather -- do not settle for a red dot optic that blooms too bright indoors or washes out in the sunshine outdoors.

    Burris MTAC 1-4x28mm CQB Optic


    An ideal choice for shooting at close and intermediate ranges where low magnification is needed, 1-4x provides a range of power for instant shots at door-to-door pop-up range all the way out to 600y on maximum. Minimize downtime between engaging game when hunting in brush country like BC and Ontario... rapidly spot and precisely place shots on that whitetail that comes out from the brush beneath your stand just the same as you pull the trigger on the buck silhouetted on the early snow at distance.

    Burris AR-TER 30mm Cantilever QD Mount


    The mount of choice for the Burris XTS-135 SpeedDot, compatible with any other 30mm short tube optic (Aimpoints etc). Mounts solidly and positions the optic forward of backup iron sights, ready to be rapidly removed in case of failure to allow unimpeded use of iron sights as well as repeatable return to zero.


    Standard / QD
    The mount of choice for the Burris MTAC 1-4x28mm CQB Optic, or any other long tube 30mm optic where forward positioning for eye relief is desirable. Delivers rock solid mounting to M1913 picatinny rails. Select QD for repeatable return to zero and rapid on/off capabilities, desirable for tactical firearms.

    We have these in stock, ready to ship nationwide for $10 flat rate as always!


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    hey do you guys have any burris 2x7x32 handgun scopes in silver

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    Link isn't working. How much for the fast fire 3 , warranty . Thanks
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    Lol, necro thread from may 2013

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