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Thread: Interarms 308 Prototype (Dragunov)

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    Interarms 308 Prototype (Dragunov)

    Hello CGN Membership,

    As promised:
    -This is the new thread for the 308 Dragunov prototype.
    -All updates will be posted to this thread and kept separate from the Interarms Model 2013 Sporter SPBAR 7.62x39 and 5.45x39.

    Quick FYI on this concept:
    -At the request of several members on CGN we have started to explore making this rifle.
    -We are very early stages and need to procure several items to create a prototype (we do not have this prototype started aside from aesthetic design features and a few on hand parts).
    -We have discussed this with several of our Dealers and they agree it would be a great seller if it can be brought in at a reasonable price point.
    -We feel that we will be able to get a prototype in for FRT Classification this year.
    -We are not 100% on whether we could make a production lot for sale this year as there are still too many moving parts.

    Step Forward:
    -With the recent purchase of Herrett Custom Stock Co. we now have the ability to produce a replica stock of the highest quality.
    -We have ordered barrel blanks and we will start with these parts first.
    -We have suitable magazines in stock.

    -Due to name/trade infringements, this rifle would most likely be branded Interarms.
    -Please let us know what you think a reasonable price would be. Obviously we know very little about this gun so far so we will make some assumptions: milled and high quality parts, chromed barrels, high quality custom stocks.

    This project is still at 30,000 feet but I will keep you posted as this concept moves forward.


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    Agreed this would likely be a good seller.

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    Hmm. Could be interesting, especially if the cosmetic features like the gas system are removable, to allow for increased customization. Or would a welded gas block be an integral part of getting it approved? Who knows, if those parts are optional it might lower the production costs, and thus be good for everyone.

    A 308/7.62x51 and a 7.62x54R version would be a great selection.
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    in .308, this definitely seems to be an interesting concept. Price point, what folks are willing to pay will be key. I think one problem I can foresee ....competing with the M305 Norinco price-wise. I know we are not talking about the same rifle, IE Dragunov vs. M14, however with a MSRP + tax and local pick up, anyone with a non restricted PAL can have this rifle for $510.00 out the door. I would keep this in mind moving forward. This rifle has a proven track record and is semi auto. Anyone thinking Dragunov or a Romi PSL, will also be thinking semi-auto, with a cool looking recoil absorbing stock with cheek riser and optics side mount. I am definitely keeping an eye on the progress of your concept!! Good luck

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    Good to hear. This is my all time dream rifle.
    Thanks for starting this thread.

    I guess the biggest question everyone asks : What type of action will this rifle have?

    As you mentioned in the 2013 Sporter thread, the design would incorporate a SPBAR action.
    Like the 2013 Sporter comments, there will oodles of CGN'ers requesting a semi-auto action.
    Feedback for a SPBAR Dragunov was positive, but people will still scream for a semi-auto.

    Is the action type open for debate, or is this project slated to be SPBAR right from the get go?
    For the sake of a new thread and to minimize pages upon pages of complaining, I think this should be established asap.

    Once the action type is established, discussion can move forward (ideally) onto other design aspects.

    I've mentioned, I'd definitely buy a SPBAR action Dragunov. I'm always partial to Semi-Auto, but for a Dragunov style rifle I'd be happy with SPBAR.

    Not to skip too far ahead. If this rifle is "Dragunov" style, I plead with the designer(s) to add a side mount rail for the POSP scope. A dragunov without a POSP is just not right.
    If a POSP rail is not in the cards, PLEASE leave room so the owner or gunsmith can add one as a modification. And PLEASE do not put serial #'s or caliber data on the receiver where a POSP rail would potentially be mounted... like the CZ858 I got the job done but, it was a royal PITA!

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    Sam makes a good point about competing with Norinco. But if you guys can produce something that looks and feels like the real deal (iconic stock, PSO-1 scope, wood furniture, etc.) you can keep it quality over quantity and have a higher price-point than the M305 and still have great sales.
    Looking forward to what you guys can do.

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    I'm very interested in this rifle, especially in .308/7.62x51 mm.
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    I'd be up for this. There would be an even bigger market for it if you could make it in 7.62x54R since you'd get people who are into authenticity, and those who want a gun they can feed the same ammo as their Mosin.

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    This will be interesting!

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