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Thread: 2014 Shot Show: Troy Industries Pump Action Rifle

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    For those interested Troy PAR's have been ordered and will be submitted to the RCMP, no other information will be forth coming from Troy regarding the specifics about the PAR...

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    not true craig the mosin kit has 10 rd mags and so does the one of the Mossberg rifles I believe. Also doesn't the rem 700 have an available 10 rd mag

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    2014 Shot Show: Troy Industries Pump Action Rifle

    Quote Originally Posted by gadget View Post
    For those interested Troy PAR's have been ordered and will be submitted to the RCMP, no other information will be forth coming from Troy regarding the specifics about the PAR...

    How fast does the RCMP work :P

    Any updates?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2ndShotCanada View Post
    It's not the mags.

    There are 2 separate points of interest to us Canadians.

    1. If it will successfully fire using an AR lower it'll definitely be restricted.

    2. Separately from #1, if it uses AR mags, they wi have to be pinned to 5 rounds. But if it uses proprietary mags (think LAR pistol) then the possibility of having Troy Pump Action Rifle 30-rounders that just so happen to fit my AR and are legal is huge.

    Before anyone flames my post with "you're exposing a secret...public forum...etc" they already F-ING know. And they've proven it time and time again.

    They also have to abide by the existing laws and sometimes the loopholes go in our favour... Other times they don't.
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    Think it is on the cover of one of this months gun magazines.....
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    The Mossberg MVP has 5 round mags for the bolt gun, but you can then buy pistol mags for it in 10 round. Pumping, 10 rounds sounds like a fair go.

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    Build one in 6.8spc and I don't really care about mag capacity, it would make a dandy deer rifle.
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    I wouldn't consider buying this in 5.56. Im not into Predator hunting. But if it came in anything larger i would consider it for a nice ergonomic deer/bush rifle.

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    A review by Nutnfancy on the Troy PAR. Looks like a very good rifle. A lot of the questions from here are answered in the video.

    I think the rifle will be non restricted, as for normal capacity mags, it all depends on how Troy markets them, its all in the fine print.

    I'd buy one and a whole lot of mags too.

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    Do want.

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