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Thread: Importing and classification of the Nemo Omen line of rifles.

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    So do the Nemo rifles have an FRT? What about the falkor Petra? Maybe another chance at getting this nr?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildphil24 View Post
    Wolverine also sells Noreen rifles. I handled a Noreen Bad News lately and found it relatively handy (no mag no scope).
    I believe it's also restricted for the same mysterious reason.
    I believe it's the "Spartan" clause the RCMP uses:

    "But it's the same rifle internally as the NR version"

    "But this one says Spartan on it... PROHIB!"

    Stepping forward:

    "But there is nothing compatible between the two rifles."

    "But it says AR style rifle. RESTRICTED!"

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    These should be brought in by a competent dealer who is willing to debate and present their facts to the RCMP Lab in the same manner Walt from Arms East FOUGHT for us to have the STAG 10.

    Not some dealer who just wants to bring in a few and make a quick buck at the expense of arbitrarily accepting these as AR15 variants, which they are NOT!

    I am not saying Irunguns is not competent, but I would like to see more dealers challenge the Lab when bringing in stuff.

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