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Thread: T97.ca | Official Thread of the T97NSR Lower Hand Guard (LHG) | PART II

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    also while you're at it why not have barrel shroud attachment with a possible barrel shroud coming soon???? please....

    Currently, there are no plans for a barrel shroud. Interesting idea, but our focus is on the LHG at this writing.
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    Nice ideas and looking good.

    1) Keep weight as well balanced as possible Check.
    2) I personally rather not have a serrated trigger pad, I'm liking the idea of a flat trigger, or subtle curve with wide trigger face Check.
    3) Mag release reward of the pistol grip, please make it so you can grip the mag to rip out or capture with non firing hand. Check.
    4) Good grip / traction with the recoil pad Check.
    5) Not so sure about polymer rail sections Also compatible with our Blackfeather RS aluminum rail sections.
    6) cost in the same ballpark as FTU, even with this it's turning the T97 into a pricey option, but still may be well worth it. Unknown at this writing.
    7) Something to fix the safety :D Check.

    Looking forward to this!
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    Am I correct in assuming that by using this with a FTU it will eliminate any cutting of original parts? (Ie if I buy this and a FTU I will be able to change if I desire between stock type 97 and your upper/lower type 97)

    The Flat Top Upper upper or FTU we make requires removal of the top sections of the front sight post stanchions. The Lower Hand Guard not require any modification to the rifle except a field strip. The original field strip will remain unchanged.

    For the future Maybe a mag well that will except more AR type mags without modification?

    We are unable to provide this alteration.
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    I am so impressed by the quality of the FTU that I am going to order the lower as soon as it becomes available. Keep up the fantastic work Frank...you are an artist with aluminum

    Thank-you, there is a team of 3 working on this project at this writing.
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    T97.ca | Official Thread of the T97NSR Lower Hand Guard (LHG) | PART II

    Rather than relocating/messing with the original safety, perhaps a second safety could be integrated near the trigger guard/grip. That & the new mag release position would leave little to complain about. A nicer ergo type grip or AR type grip compatibility would be nice too. ;-)

    Yes, both of these requests are being addressed in the new lower.
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    I like the fore-end, but what would be the possibility of adding to the lower a system for adding a bottom and two side rails if the user desires them? Just standard size threaded holes or something... Just a thought but would allow more modularity! Will be watching this to preorder a lower as well. Very happy with the upper!

    The FTU provides 3, 12 and 9 o'clock mount locations on the fore arm. The LHG will provide the 6 o'clock.
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    You are the only reason why I will be buying one of these,
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    absolutly amazing ..now we can only buy the receiver and barrel and than build the rest

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    Excellent work!

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