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Thread: T97.ca | Official Thread of the T97NSR Lower Hand Guard (LHG) | PART II

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    T97.ca | Official Thread of the T97NSR Lower Hand Guard (LHG) | PART II

    First, thank-you for your continuing interest in our endeavours to improve the T97NSR bullpup rifle! Part I of this project began with the Flat Top Upper Thread and the discussions gave us the impetus and continuing drive to bring a world class optics mount to the fore (see photo). Continuing from Part I, Part II of our T97NSR project begins with a point by point features explanation of what we're planning for the new Lower Hand Guard. We welcome your comments and criticisms, especially the latter. Open, public criticism is indeed the hallmark of good design and the standard upon which we will judge our efforts in this, Part II of the T97NSR upgrade.

    To start, we begin with the following feature set, as planned for Q1 2014:

    1. AR-15 Pistol Grip Compatibility
    2. Compatibility for interchangeable trigger guards (An Angled Trigger Guard or ATG) + (A Winter Trigger Guard)
    3. A New Trigger (A multi-connection point trigger that will reduce take up and over travel)
    A. to include a flat, serrated trigger pad
    B. a skeletal side profile
    4. A skeletonized Lower in part with a "frame work" for lightest weight and strength
    5. The forearm to include two Kydex plates on either side which will offer the following benefits:
    A. haircell Kydex P3 for good grip texture
    B. forward grip comfort in Winter conditions
    C. the option to interchange the fore arm plates to various Kydex colors to match grips or FTU in FDE, OD Green, etc.. Following the new Keltec M43, we decided this would also leave open the possibility of adding wood furniture to the T97NSR Lower in the future
    D. lighterweight than the aluminum sectional it replaces
    E. a flat surface area without lightening holes
    F. an FN FAL fore arm look and feel
    6. A magazine release paddle rearward of the AR15 pistol grip (two versions will be available, an advanced version and a standard version)
    7. 6 o'clock picatinny rail compatibility with Magpul polymer rail sections, 5 - 11 slots lengths available
    8. 4 sling points for left and right side sling mounting
    9. As a separate part, a new rear butt plate with a Magpul Recoil Pad (by standardizing on the Magul part, LOP can be adjusted .30" to .70")
    10. The Lower will support the addition of a shell deflector (mount points are being added to the Lower for future consideration)

    Other notes to consider:

    The rifle field strip is unchanged
    The weight gain remains open
    The cost remains open
    The length will mirror that of the FTU
    The forward contouring will ideally match that of the FTU (in part shown below in forward section)
    The question of a new safety is open for discussion

    Lastly, these introductory photos are merely that: they simply show that the mating of the Lower Hand Guard and the Flat Top Upper was a success. The image shows an early attempt at building in a grip texture, therefore, these photos are merely representative of what is to come and does not reflect on our current design goals as discussed above. Nevertheless, they will serve as an introduction to an open discussion and we look forward to it!

    Please note: we are in meetings from 9AM Monday morning, which means replies will go unanswered until Monday evening. Thank-you.
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    I'm already drooling...can't wait for my FTU to get here next week...I'll be itching to place my order for the lower now!

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    And here we go again!

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    Very good start.

    - My first suggestion is that if at all possible to follow through with a safety in the correct, AR-15 style position that can be engaged and disengaged without removing a hand from the rifle, or bringing the rifle off the shoulder. This right off the bat would allow the T97 to be effectively used in any competition shooting without the downside of a stupid safety location that slows your time when disengaging.

    This is exactly what we are now planning. Today's meeting confirmed our intentions to move forward with a new trigger and a new safety.

    - Weight gain should be minimal if at all possible, one of the big benefits of the T97 is it's light weight, which allows the rifle to be maneuvered and pointed with ease and speed. The more lightening cuts that can be added while maintaining strength the better.

    Lightening efforts will continue right through to the end of this process. It is one of our principle concerns at every level.

    - An all around improved trigger, ie. less creep, less overtravel, and lower pull weight would be nice, but is not a "make or break" for me.

    Yes, further, it will be adjustable.

    - An option for mounting a picatinny rail to the bottom for a bipod or accessory would be nice, providing that the rail can be removed and leave a clean profile on the bottom of the lower handguard.

    This option is planned exactly as you write it.

    - The last thing, which does not relate to this part in particular, but hopefully can be done in the future, will be to make the magazine release ambidextrous, or at least converted to the more sensible left hand side release, rather than the awkward right hand release that is currently equipped.

    Yes, the new magazine release is in planning now.

    Thanks again for keeping the design process open forum, I love being able to get my opinion heard, as well as those of the other buyers.

    You bet.

    Crowdsourced data for prototypes should be the way of the future!
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    Giving the consumer an opportunity to provide input into your design is logical, appreciated and refreshing.
    You have "raised the bar' as a manufacturer, to the benefit of all. I commend you folks!!! And hope others may follow your example.

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    Waiting to see how this goes before making up my mind on the upper part of it.
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    Wow. I'm in. Totally in. I know this is only the first prototype of the lower but given the work you've done to date on the upper, and how it progressed I have no doubt this will be amazing!!!
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    You might have to offer all these parts in black and silver!
    I'd leave the safety alone. Simpler and less expensive.

    We can ship non-anodized parts, however, all of our first production LHGs will ship matte black.
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    Looking good. I'll be following this thread very closely.
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    a rail attachment is a must, especially one that will offer a solid bipod attachment, for those of us who want to use this rifle for hunting.

    The lower will have mounting slots for various lengths of forward removable 6 o'clock rail segments.
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