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Thread: 2014 SHOT SHOW: Kalashnikov remembered

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    2014 SHOT SHOW: Kalashnikov remembered

    With the passing of AK designer Mikhail Kalashnikov last month, there were several displays remembering him.
    I will leave it up to you to decide whether this is sincere somber reflection, or decadent western marketing.

    The first one I encountered was near the escalators going from Level 1 to Level 2. It was courtesy of Arsenal Inc.

    The main Arsenal display was quite impressive.

    Knight (KAC) also had a small but tasteful display.

    RWC Group also had a wreath, and a book of condolences. The two booth models were Russian, and invited everyone to sign it.

    Julia (dark hair) and Olga (blonde)

    Next day, different dresses. Red seems more appropriate for Russia.

    So I have decided that when I go, I want to have an honour guard of pretty girls with guns remembering me...

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    last lady on the right umm

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    The ak on the left is a Valmet i am sure but the one on the right i am sure it's prohibited. If it is what is it doing out there. I want one
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    I saw those displays, kinda odd I thought.

    Funny how he has become so famous for his design, for sure a great and popular rifle but pales in comparison to someone like JM Browning, he had more crumpled up ideas in the waste paper bin than kalashnikov had ideas.
    Sometimes it is the very people that no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pedja View Post
    The ak on the left is a Valmet i am sure but the one on the right i am sure it's prohibited. If it is what is it doing out there. I want one
    It's a Saiga, not a Valmet. Prohib.
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    Deano always loves the floozies.
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    A river runs through it.
    Kinda a blank stare for being in the middle of those two. Lol.

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    having your picture in the paper with a medal around your neck holding a folding stock, pistol-gripped, shotgun with mag extension is a feat in itself

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    tootall trying out for playboy photographer?

    I think the capitalists using the communist for profit is wild, but as a firearms designer, regardless of politics, I'm glad to see him remembered.
    Bush hunter!

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    Simonov didnt get that. will he be remembered for his super jet fighter and his SKS, the "inspiration" to say the least on the Kalashnikov rifle?
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