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Thread: M14 Bolt Doctor Instructions

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    M14 Bolt Doctor Instructions

    M14 Bolt Doctor Tool .... will assist in the assembly and disassembly of your M1A, M14 or Garand rifle bolt.
    Will likely also work with an M1 Carbine Bolt although to be honest I have never tested the tool with them.

    The unit is large and designed that way. If you wish you can clamp this unit into your bench vise so that you
    can use both hands on the assembly/disassembly process.

    One needs a 3/16" Allen key for the :
    -Ejector push screw
    -Extractor push screw under the body
    -Bolt body forward push screw
    Then one needs a 1/8" Allen key for the bolt body retaining plate (or lid).

    Here are the Allen keys in place.

    And finally you need a 5/64" Allen key to adjust the center screw located on the middle of the bolt retaining
    plate, this puts the necessary tension on the top of the bolt's mid-body (don‘t over tighten). Everything is
    held down nicely and nothing jumps out of place only to be lost on the cement shop floor....

    Bolt Disassembly:
    Just lock the bolt down with it's retaining plate. Using the bolt body forward push screw and 3/16" Allen
    key, ensure the bolt body is all the way forward. Then with the same 3/16" Allen key tighten the ejector
    plunger screw all the way in, this relieves the pressure on the extractor spindle so it can rise above the bolt
    body and you are almost home free.

    Then underneath the M14 Doctor tool, take the 3/16" Allen key and then tighten up that screw until that
    extractor rises up and the bolt is disassembled.

    Bolt Assembly:
    Back off the ejector plunger screw with the 3/16" completely. As you move the bolt body with the ejector
    spring and ejector forward, the nose of the ejector rests on the hole of that (backed off now) ejector plunger
    screw. This hole holds and ensures the alignment of the ejector assembly, an important feature because this
    combination loves to spin while you are juggling all the loose pieces.

    Now move the bolt body forward push screw all the way forward until the bolt body cannot move anymore.
    All this time the bolt body retaining plate should be over the bolt that's being re-assembled.

    Here is that bolt body push screw moving that bolt body forward with no nasty surprises (flying bolt parts).

    There is a large opening by the right bolt lug which allows you enough access to use a flat bladed screw
    driver to push the extractor plunger/spring combination rearward in such a way that the descending
    extractor will not 'chop' and destroy these parts.

    Have a look at this large opening to access the extractor plunger/spring assembly so that you will guarantee
    the smooth extractor insertion.

    Keep that flat bladed screw driver pushing rearward on the extractor plunger/spring and then with your
    other hand, push down. A tool such as an 8" long 3/8" socket extension should work ... this will seat the
    extractor in place and you are done.

    Thanks to Hungry aka Tactical Teacher here on CGN for this contribution.
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