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Thread: New M14.ca LSP or Long Sight Plane Hand Guard to Release in Q3 2014

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    The LSP is now in full production. Thank-you for your support.
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    Is pricing set yet?

    No sir, the usual process for us is that once all parts are back from anodizing, we can formally calculate our best price based on all available information.
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    Any pics on what it looks like installed with the black feather?

    Not yet. We plan images of the LSP installed to a Boyd's wood stock, an OD Green US GI fibreglass stock, a black plastic M305 stock as well as the Blackfeather RS. This part will however be compatible with any M14 stock.
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    Any news? My money is ready.......

    The only news I have right now is that we decided to double our first production run on the LSP. We have also taken some time to manufacture advanced fixtures to aid machining. These new fixtures will be used for all of our parts, including our T97.ca LHG or Lower Hand Guard.
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    If I understand correctly, this would be an alternative to a CASM for scope mounting then. If I'm correct, how are you positioning the advantages of one over the other?

    The CASM GEN II is suited for scopes and includes a fixed BUS. It is a practical and cost effective solution for scoping your M14. The LSP however offers the longest continuous sight plane available for the M14 and therefore, more versatility over its length. For example, you can run short eye relief scopes co-witnessed with an AR BUIS set (with scope and BUIS mounted further rearward over the rear extension). Long eye releif scopes, scout style, are suitable. A forward mounted red dot on the LSP co-witnessed with BUIS is another idea. A combination with off set dots on side mounted picatinny rails with BUIS and scope is possible. Forward/side mounted rails also allow for accessory mounting. However you decide to mount your optics, you are running a reliable, solid, monolothic optics rail that is machined out of a single piece of bar stock.
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    Is a high rear butt stock adapter going to ship with the LSP?

    No, the LSP is located at the same height as the CASM GEN II scope mount. On a Blackfeather RS stock, the stock comb is located higher than the standard M14 stock comb, however, to increase height, there are aftermarket cheek risers; for example, 3 heights, low, medium and high, are optioned with the Magpul CTR butt stock. On other stocks, such as a US GI fibreglass stock or a Boyd`s Walnut, the Bradley Cheek Rests come to mind (a lightweight option that does not require drilling).
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    any chance of a pre-order ?would love to get in on the first run of these.

    At this writing, it is too early to offer a pre-order on the LSP however as the first production run comes out of machine, we will set that up. Will post an update here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MJS View Post
    any chance of a pre-order ?would love to get in on the first run of these.

    At this writing, it is too early to offer a pre-order on the LSP however as the first production run comes out of machine, we will set that up. Will post an update here.
    what about color options? I would love to get my hands on a FDE LSP.

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    can't wait !!!!
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    How are you coming on these?

    Are there any pictures of it installed?

    Have you come to a price point yet?

    Looking to do another build and I like what I see here!!



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