Ok guys, a few people have asked me for a way to upgrade to the new Premium Grade KwikRail.

Here is the deal.

For the remainder of the month of March 2014 I will take trade ins of ANY manufactured rail system for the SKS and credit you with $40 towards the purchase of a new Premium Grade KwikRail.

That's right, ANY rail system manufactured for the SKS ....

I don't care what manufacture the old mount is .... Magwedge 1st generation, Wartak, even the dreaded Asian made receiver cover mounts. Yes, even the NCStar mounts ...

Send it in and I will credit you $40 towards the purchase of a new Premium KwiRail.

Here are the rules:
1. email me requesting a trade up
2. I will tell you where to ship your old rail
3. when your rail is received I will contact you and invoice you individually for your purchase of a new Premium rail ... rebate will be applied at this point
4. rebate is only available on Premium KwikRails purchased from my website
5. offer only good in Canada

I will also consider your trade ins in person at the upcoming Chilliwack Gun Show this weekend.

Let's clean up those SKS's and put something beautiful and strong and new on them .... the best SKS rail system on the market today, the Premium Grade SKS KwikRail.