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Thread: Now Accepting EMT - Due to Popular Demand

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    Now Accepting EMT - Due to Popular Demand

    Hey CGN,

    We've received quite a few emails since we joined up asking about whether or not we accept EMT. Well, we didn't used to.

    But now we do!

    Unfortunately, this comes with a catch. Our authorization for online web orders doesn't accept EMTs, so you'll have to email us what you want. Thankfully, I've made this handy dandy form:

    Street Number:
    Address 2:
    Postal Code:
    or Email:
    Item URL:
    Date of Birth:
    EMT Password:

    All EMT payments can be made to
    All Purchases must be made through

    Make sure you include the URL of the item you'd like to buy from our Online store or CGN Posting. This just keeps the chances of miss communication to a minimum. Also email the EMT password to
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