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Thread: Now IN ! Sig 226 Long Dust Cover (LDC) Now Shipping To Dealers!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MustangFrank View Post
    Which gunstore has one in the Lower mainland ?
    Italian did. But that was a few weeks ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesD83 View Post
    I love the p226 that I already have, so when a local gunstore clerk wanted to show me something, I accepted to appease him, but i held one & dry fired it... ! Wow. I was so impressed. Try it out guys
    I was very surprised with the trigger the first time I shot it as well. Although the Gray Guns influenced trigger in the Legion is excellent, this is just one step up IMHO in the X series range. The Legion is an excellent tuned production gun. The LDC on the other hand is also a production gun but with tuned Master Shop parts although not a Master Shop Gun.

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    lol what a bunch of bologna. lol lol. the recoil in your sig is due to alloy frame, high bore axis and a design that is severely outdated.

    you remind me of:


    Quote Originally Posted by GunfighterAlpha View Post
    The tanfos and CZ's are actually weighted up front. Thats part of their design being a SLIDE in FRAME design. minimal weight in the slide (moving parts) With most of the weight up front to mitigate recoil.

    The Sig LDC, being a FRAME in SLIDE style firearm still maintains most of its mass in the moving parts while the dust cover is merely a little bit more of an alloy frame. Owning both a 226 and a tanfo stock 3, I can tell you that even if I tape a weight to the front of my Sig it will not preform on the level of a SLIDE in FRAME firearm. They are vastly superior for recoil mitigation.

    Dont get me wrong, I love my 226, but they are a different breed entirely.

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