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Thread: A big shout out to Frank at M14.ca

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    Thumbs up A big shout out to Frank at M14.ca

    In this day and age, this does not happen everyday and I just wanna say Thank you to Frank and share this little piece here on CGN.

    After learning my trouble with an out of spec part (factory defect imported by north sylva), Frank reached out to me via emails and he went above and beyond to offered me the part I needed free of charge. Keep in mind that it was ns who turned its their back on me: no parts, no repair, nothing. And then, out of nowhere, Frank stepped up and did me a huge favor even tho I got the defect product from ns.
    to quote:
    "No worries, just helping out a fellow shooter. Glad to read you got it ok. All I can say is, pass on your knowledge/skill to another shooter, that's the best way to keep it going."

    So I highly recommend you guys to go to M14.ca/T97.ca to check out the latest developments of M14 Blackfeather RS stock and the T97 FTU upper.

    Thanks for reading and have a great day !
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    Couldn't agree more! Had a simple question on a part. This time he didn't have what I needed ... BUT, the simple question turned into a big answer with advice. AND all of this in a near immediately response to my emails.

    I thought that kind of customer service was dead. Frank is a professional and deserves my (and YOUR) support!

    Thanks Frank!

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