I know what you mean Serg...#### happens and we can't really blame our CBSA boys/girls for doing their job. I support my local gun stores but will not pay 15-30% more... i rather wait a month or even two.

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Yeah, I was same certain, until it happened. Out of my four international orders, one got stuck at the border for a month. They do a random check, and once they recognize gun parts, they put them on the shelf until certified gun expert comes on the site once in a while. At least, this is what I have been told. Not to mention I paid duties. After all I was lucky, since some people were waiting few months, as per their experience.

I think, still more chances it will sneak through the border without being checked, but once it did not - they give you a long wait to prepare a bit of extra cash. Sometimes it still worth it. Happy gambling! And I'm still doing that, if no choices locally. And I'm not dismissing Zahal.

And yes, as I said, I have bought once from Zahal, and shipping was reasonably fast for overseas parcel and lucky to pass through the border with no duties in that specific case. Well, Zahal's 25 USD vs 10-15 CAD shipping from Canada duty free and faster time - this is still something to consider. Sometimes free shipping within Canada. I thought, if Zahal would offer free shipping and reduce their prices by 5-10%, they might climb on top of my list and blow out of water Canadian sellers. I know, I know: taxes, regulations, salaries, making a gesheft - all adds to the price.