Congrats on your rifle eh? That's one of the original imports!

Unfortunately, the Razorback rail borrows mounting hardware from the existing flat top in Gen 2 models of the rifle.

There is a bracket that mounts directly to the barrel in new models, similar to the orginal M21 Mepro, but this bracket has threaded holes for the two screws that hold the Gen 2 flattop rail in place. The Razorback uses those two screws, and the barrel mounted bracket in order to mount.

We've looked at sourcing these parts separately, but unfortunately the only place to get them right now is direct from IWI. North Sylva is the Canadian distributor of IWI, and has been known to source small components in the past.

Unfortunately the Razorback will not fit on your rifle in its current setup.

The Canada Ammo solution has worked well for TVPP! Might be worth a shot on yours.