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Thread: **600yd results posted** 300yd Blackfeather range report. 600yd shoot tomorrow

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    **600yd results posted** 300yd Blackfeather range report. 600yd shoot tomorrow

    In preparation for a 600yd night shoot tomorrow, I took the Blackfeather with a JB Weld shimmed heel to the range to get a 300yd zero. Since I took the scope off to bed the heel, I had a very quick range session at 50 and 100. All looked good and I only needed a very small adjustment at 200.

    I was running out of time so I only had time to rattle off 10 rounds at 300. I added about 3 minutes of elevation (just a guess) to see where I'd hit at 300. My first shot was about 4 inches high so I brought it back down about a minute to see where it would land. The next shot was just about where it needed to be elevation wise but was about an inch and a half left.

    I did not make any more adjustments and the rifle seemed to settle in well over the next 8 shots. Those eight shots grouped in at 3.664" or 1.167 MOA.

    Vertical stringing is GONE! The load I was using was commercial Winchester cases, 42.8 grains of 4064, a Remington 9-1/2 primer and a 168gr SMK seated to 2.812".

    And just a reminder; this is a standard M1A that was built in 1994 and has a 52 year old GI H&R chrome lined barrel. I only added a Sadlak NM spring guide on this trip.

    I also let a friend shoot the Blackfeather who just got out of the Army National Guard a few months ago.

    I'm very pleased with how it's shooting. The CASM mount seems to be holding up very well with the Leupold MK4 scope and rings. Shooting tiny groups at 100 is just too easy. 200+ is really helping me develop some skills I'm not inherently familiar with using a scope and a bipod.

    Tomorrow night will be a 600 yd night shoot. The line will be pitch black and the targets will be illuminated with floods.

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    I had a great time tonight! I was running low on my previous load so I broke out a box of AE 168gr OTM for tonight. I haven't shot this in a while so it was interesting to see how the rifle was going to like it in the Blackfeather.

    There were only seven shooters tonight and I was the only one with an M1A. We had to shoo the deer off the range then commence firing. I was on the first relay. I had assumed that I was going to be shooting on a clean target but I was wrong. I did, however, keep a detailed log while on the firing line with a picture of a target.

    Lights were on at the firing line during prep time, but turned off when the line went hot.

    Deer in the center of the picture...


    A member of the SigForum who also shoots an M1A (but not tonight). We actually met at a highpower match in September...

    Now for the results! I came up 12.5 MOA from my 300yd zero and began firing. I actually mistakenly fired my first shot on the wrong target, but they spotted it for me and I plotted it in my book and illustrated it on the target. I came down 2 clicks and never touched the scope after that point. It ended up being 4 clicks short of one full revolution from my 200yd zero.

    I had one miss (the last shot of the string) and I could not see where they spotted it so I don't know if it went high, low or what. I shot 20 rounds tonight. The spotters they used were 1" orange disks and it was hard to see those 1" disks on white paper at 600yds. So here are the stats from shots 1 through 19...

    Shots 1-19: 16.5" or 2.62 MOA

    Shots 1-5: 14.75" or 2.34 MOA
    Shots 6-10: 12.5" or 1.98 MOA
    Shots 11-15: 10.5" or 1.67 MOA
    Shots 16-19: 10.5" or 1.67 MOA

    If you average the individual group sizes, you have a four group average of 1.915 MOA at 600yds.

    X's: 2
    10's: 3
    9's: 8
    8's: 1
    7's: 4
    6's: 1
    Miss: 1

    I have labelled the orange stickers to reflect my data log...

    Other factors to consider...
    This was the first time I've ever shot prone with a bipod and monopod so I'm sure there's a learning curve. I think with a little more practice and some dedication to working up an accurate load, this rifle could do even better. For now, I am very happy with these results. Also consider that I have not touched the operating rod guide draw tension screw. It could possibly be tuned along with a proper hand load to deliver better results.

    I don't know if and when I'll be able to make it out to the 1000 yard line. I'd like to spend some more time on the 600 and work up a proper 175gr load before I do that. I do wonder what it could really do if I dropped in my medium weight LRB in it. That could get interesting.


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