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Thread: 2015 Shot Show: SIG Sauer MCX Carbine

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    2015 Shot Show: SIG Sauer MCX Carbine

    The SIG Sauer MCX is shipping in the US in the next week. I got the chance to fire the 300 Black out version and had the chance to take a closer look at the system. The basic models will be the 9” pistol and the 16” rifle. The 5.56 and the 300 Blk versions will be the first out of the gate.

    The MCX lower is a proprietary lower receiver that cannot be used with a regular AR15 upper, as there is no way to attach a buffer tube assemble. Instead, the receiver end is a solid piece with grooves on both sides to allow users to attach stocks of their choices. This is possible because the MCX operating system has the returning spring captive within the charging handle inside the upper receiver.

    The gas regulator of the MCX upper can be accessed by removing the handguard. The handguard is fastened by the front pivot pin. Once the front pivot is pushed out, the handguard can be slided out. The barrel can also be swapped out by loosening up the 2 screws that hold the barrel assembly to the receiver.

    The MCX in 300 Blk has a recoil spike similar to a DI gun. Normally, push rode driven systems using the buffer assembly of a regular DI AR tend to have sharper recoil. The MCX in 300 Blk shoots even smoother than a SIG 516 in 5.56. The left side folding stock is a bit different from the traditional European right side folding stock. Instead of giving the stock a "strike" to crack it open like one can do with a Swiss Arms, the user has to grab the stock and pull it. The positive thing with the left side folding is that it won't interfere with ejection and allow any stock design.

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    Very cool looking!!!
    "Sleep in bliss Pops"!!!!!!

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    NICE! I'm sure we'll have a FRT number by 2022 if we hurry!
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    look nice but if they ever more north we still ahve to wait a least 3-4 year before we can see them ....
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    it is a beaut though, sig always seems to make nice stuff, shame that we will alll have forgoten they were made before we get to own one haha.

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    Very neat! I can only hope if and when it comes up here there is an NR version with an 18.5 (or the silly law that requires that is gone :P )
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    Very nice indeed!
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    Another AR clone.. bah lets move on.

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    I wonder about how close of a design this is the the ATRS Modern Hunter. Maybe enough to be non-restricted when it eventually comes here?
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    looks like a ATRS clone. Can we use that FRT?

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