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Thread: Shot Show 2015: Left Handed Accuracy International AT

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    Usually between 0 and 3500m

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    While this is really nice, might you ask AI where their new skeleton stock AX chassis announced last year are. Haven't seen hide nor hair of them a year later. Hard to get excited anymore...

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    YES! Lefties Rule..
    Gobigorgohome needs a left hand keyboard, lol..
    Lefties use the right side of the brain, so we are in the right frame of MIND.

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    Excellent news.
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    I am a lefty and shoot both sides. I like to shoot with a bipod and my right hand under the stock. This way, my right hand handles the bolt with minimum mouvement of my body and eyes remain on target. It is an advantage to shoot as a lefty with a right hand rifle. I imagine it would be the same for you. Try it, you might like it!
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