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Thread: 2015 Shot Show: Fenix Flashlights for 2015

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    2015 Shot Show: Fenix Flashlights for 2015

    Greentips and I were given a tour of the new Fenix Flashlights for 2015

    Some of them I am light on details as they aren't even in their 2015 product catalogue


    The first one is a variation of the new LD50. Rather than inserted batteries it has two internal 18650 rechargeable batteries that is charged via a micro usb port.

    It is a smaller flashlight (5.43" OAL) with two LEDs and two reflectors. The button is on the side. It has 5 brightness settings plus a strobe feature.

    • *For my battery life times I am going off of the LD50 which is using 2 18650 Batteries and not the internal battery. I am making the assumption that they are similar enough

    • Max output 1800 lumens
    • High = 750 Lumens
    • Mid = 350 Lumens
    • Low = 140 Lumens
    • Eco = 25 Lumens
    • Strobe at 1800 Lumens

    MSRP around $125 CAD


    The LD75 is a monster light. It uses 4x18760 or 8xCR123s to throw a super bright 4200 Lumen Beam with a 490m throw

    It also has several multi-coloured LEDs to shine Blue, Red, or Green beams (varying Lumens)

    Turbo Mode: 4200 Lumens for 90 Mins
    High: 1800 Lumens for 3hrs
    Mid: 600 Lumens for 11h
    Low: 200 Lumens for 35h
    Strobe: 20 Lumens for 220h
    SOS: 2000 Lumens

    Multi Colors:
    Red: 140 Lumens
    Green: 190 Lumens
    Blue: 45 Lumens

    Overall it is 6.22" Long and the head diameter is 2.91"
    It weighs about 1 Lb empty so add the weight of the 4 batteries and it is a pretty hefty light.

    Price isn't released yet but I would expect it to be in the high 200$s or low-mid 300$s

    CL25R and CL20

    These two were GT and I's favourites. They are both small packable camp lanterns.

    The CL25R is a nice cylinder shaped lantern that can work up to 350 Lumens. It works on either 1 x 18650 or two CR123a Batteries. It has a micro USB port to recharge the 18650 Battery

    The light also features a Red LED light

    I really like how versatile it is to mount or hang. On top it has a wire based hanging loop. On the bottom it has a screw hole to fit a camera tripod or any other camera mounting accessory. It also has a magnet at the base to attach to a metallic surface

    • Turbo: 350Lumens for 3h10min (18650) or 2h15min (CR123)
    • High: 200Lumens for 5h45min (18650) or 3h30min (CR123)
    • Mid: 50Lumens for 25h50min (18650) or 15h10min (CR123)
    • Low: 1 Lumen for 1000h (18650) or 600h (CR123)
    • Red LED - Solid light or flashing: 3 Lumens for a long time (sorry not sure)

    It is 2" Diameter / 3.93" Long

    The CL20 is smaller than the CL25R and is designed as a smaller and more versatile light for camping. It is a dome shape but on the bottom has a hanging loop and magnet. It is not as bright as the CL25R with a max output of 165 Lumens. I would say this one is best suited for use in a tent or other small space. It isn't really bright enough to light up a campsite (hard for me to say though as I haven't used it in a dark location)

    It runs off of the choice of either 2xAAs (Alkaline or Ni-MH) or 1xCR123.

    This one also has an additional Red LED

    Turbo: 165Lumens for 2h23min (Ni-MH AAs) / 3h10min (Alkaline AAs) / 2h (1xCR123)
    High: 100Lumens for 5h15min (Ni-MH AAs) / 4h9min (Alkaline AAs) / 3h30min (1xCR123)
    Mid: 50Lumens for 11h28min (Ni-MH AAs) / 9h4min (Alkaline AAs) / 7h32min (1xCR123)
    Low: 8Lumens for 71h40min (Ni-MH AAs) / 56h40min (Alkaline AAs) / 46h50min (1xCR123)
    Red Light: 1.5 Lumens for 27h10min (Ni-MH AAs) / 24h15min (Alkaline AAs) / 20h (1xCR123)

    It is 3.1" Long, 1.8" Wide, and 2.3" Tall
    Weighs 3.6Oz empty

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    Next is one of their new headlamps

    The HP40H

    It is an external battery pack headlamp (battery pack at back of head)

    It has two seperate LEDs, one white, one red, each with variable brightness settings. It runs off of 4xAA Batteries (Ni-MH or Alkaline)

    The Red Light has a max of 150Lumens and the white a max of 450 Lumens

    White Light:
    Turbo: 450 Lumens for 3h (Ni-MH) or 3h30min (Alkaline)
    High: 180 Lumens for 6h45min (Ni-MH) or 9h45min (Alkaline)
    Mid: 65 Lumens for 21h45min (Ni-MH) or 30h (Alkaline)
    Low: 8 Lumens for 140h (Ni-MH) or 160h (Alkaline)

    Red Light:
    High: 150 Lumens for 4h (Ni-MH) or 9h (Alkaline)
    Mid: 75 Lumens for 8h (Ni-MH) or 12h (Alkaline)
    Low: 25 Lumens for 37.5h (Ni-MH) or 40h (Alkaline)

    SOS flash at 150Lumens

    Without the battery it weighs 6.5 Oz

    Price unsure but expect around 100$ CAD

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    Very nice! I'm a fenix fanboy

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    More on to add to the wish list

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    Nice! Got a few Fenix lights, LD75 is on the wish list next but was hoping they would bring out a IR light soon to.

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    I want all of them. Who sells them in Canada. can never have Enoch flashlights

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    try they sell fenix lights.

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    GP Tactical is a sponsoring member here.

    Got mine from them. Good people.
    Shooter and Collector (kinda)

    Never Forget Best Friends.

    Aug 30, 2008.
    Dec 29, 2008.

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    I was told MEC will be getting the non-tactical stuff, ie the Lantern.

    Please send all private messages on CGN admin issues to "CGN Admin" account

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    Hi greentips

    MEC currently carries a large selection of Fenix lights, and yes they just recently received their first shipment of CL20 lanterns in both Olive and Blue

    The CL20 is not new, it was released back in Oct 2014, The CL25R will be released in a few weeks


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    Dealer enquiries are always welcome: Become an Authorized Fenix dealer

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