Hello CGN,
Although we have managed to take care of the vast majority of the XMP recall work here in Canada, it seems like there are still some customers out there that need service. Please read the instructions below and get in touch with us at your convenience. If at any time you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

STEP 1: Got to http://xmprecall.remington.com/ and enter your serial number.
If the rifle is affected, a form will appear.
Fill out the form and submit it. Make sure to select Canada as your country or else we will never receive the information.
This will automatically send us a recall request.
We will contact you within 7 working days of your submission.
If, for whatever reasons, we have not contacted you within 7 working days, something is not right.
In this case, please call us. It will be our pleasure to sort this out.
Each serial can only be entered once on Remington’s website. If your serial number cannot be entered, or you are having difficulties with the website, you can fill in the attached form and send it to recall@remingtoncanada.com

STEP 2: We will open a file and create a service call for affected rifles.
We use the information supplied to arrange for a box to be sent to the consumer, along with a prepaid shipping label.
All you have to do is remove your scope and any aftermarket accessories, place the rifle and bolt in the box, slap on the return label and bring the package to your nearest Post office.
There is no need to buy extra insurance we already cover it.
If anything were to happen to your rifle in transit we will replace it.
We do our very best to send batches of boxes every weeks. Sometimes, due to exceptional circumstances, we simply cannot.

STEP 3: When your rifle arrives at our location, our gunsmiths will photograph it to document the state of the rifle, and then replace the entire trigger assembly.
We do not repair them, we do not clean them.
We install a brand new trigger and adjust it to a 4lbs.
Turnaround time may vary depending on the gunsmiths’ workload, but we are generally able to return your rifle to you within two weeks.