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Thread: ATRS Modern hunter specs, pics and range reports

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    In case anyone here wants to follow along Jerry from Mystic Precision will be doing an accuracy evaluation on the MH and the new BCL102.
    This will be an unbiased test and Jerry will be developing a couple handloads for each rifle individually and seeing just what each platform is capable of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mareshow View Post
    Did Some shooting over the weekend,

    This is some factory Hornady 6.5 CM 143 gr precision hunter ammo they say 2700 FPS on the box, but I dont have a crony so i can't confirm that

    here's two 5 shot groups. That flyer was shot four of five and I'm thinking it was me, or a bad round. Can argue with the results though.

    Once I shoot all this factory stuff I'm going to try some hand loads and see if i can replicate the results.
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    I have a serious rager for atrs stuff however:

    So here is the newest MHR charging handle stuff:

    This is an awesome upgrade/update. The charging handle snaps and holds via a spring. It addresses all of the charging handle issues. Hell yea. Awesome job.


    I've been having a few issues with my particular MHR. I personally love the friggen thing. It has the looks and the accuracy I want. Very tiny groups on the jury barrel. The problem I have is the reliability with the ejector. I'm pretty sure I have a friday bolt from DPMS. It keeps jamming with brass build up in the ejector hole. I already sent it back to rick and/or dustin which have been very helpful so far, but FML this bolt face does not want to run well. I got it back and I'm getting the same problem. I doubt it's an ammo issue. I use the highest quality ammo in north America I can get (fgm/horn match...etc) only so that ain't the problem. Super interested in getting my guy back into the season.

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    You could upgrade the BCG, if ATRS is too busy to handle milling the CH relief into the new carrier, I know a RD local gun nut machinist that could do it for you.
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    If the bolt is shaving brass off your ammo is probably way over pressure.
    Upgrade to a JP high pressure bolt might be a fix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zhou1ping View Post
    if the bolt is shaving brass off your ammo is probably way over pressure.
    Upgrade to a jp high pressure bolt might be a fix.

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