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Thread: .22LR AMMO in stock now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hootguy View Post
    WOW,,,that's over double what i paid last year,,,i realize the US dollar is a bit stronger,,,but it shouldn't affect the price THAT much,,,i sure hope people REMEMBER,,,,
    People do remember... but that is the sad thing...
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    nice picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CraigNConnor View Post
    Redic price

    Face it, that is what the price of .22lr is and will be for the next while. If you find someone still selling bricks of .22 for 25-30 dollars, please, let the rest of us know.
    We are our own worst enemy. As long as people continue to horde .22 we will continue to pay high prices.

    Thanks for the heads up, TSE.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LSB View Post
    Prices will stay up as long as people are buying it......
    ^^ What he said

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    Quote Originally Posted by hamermill View Post
    Agreed - price will eventually drop to what it should be. At those prices I would rather shoot 9, 45, or 7.62.
    That is exactly what they want you to do! They (manufacturers) have no intention of bringing supply up to demand. They love keeping the supply low and costs high. Welcome to capitalism with a capitol C.
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    One of the Edmonton dealers had Thunder bolt 5000 boxes on for $215 just over a year ago stacked to the ceiling. I just can't justify buying more at this price.

    Can a dealer maybe explain (if they know) why the price is so high now. I know a few lead processing plants in USA have shut down, maybe it's a lead shortage. Federal regs causing it?
    Envionmental tax? Or is this just supply and demand? If it is, then I for one am not deamnding it.
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    The only .22 ammo I want now is cci sv, I have a few boxes of the Winchester cheap inaccurate stuff and thunderbolt is as bad or worse so will wait till cci or a European company comes up with right priced relatively accurate ammo!

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    Thunderbolt is garbage bought a brick one time had about 10 duds, many jams, some were keyholing on target and the last straw I had gas blow in my face twice from a bad chamber seal or something. All other ammo runs perfect in that same gun.

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    im slowly using my reasonably purchased stock about 5-6 thousand rounds and ill just wait the madness out
    but i admit i bought a overpriced 333 the other week just because i was so excited to see any 22lr
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    As consumers ourselves, we understand the perception given when an item is marked up significantly within only one year. We are not out to gouge the customer- our margins have remained the same. The current pricing is a reflection of our poor dollar and a shortage of available product in our country which forces us to purchase from our suppliers at a premium. Like you, we hope that the dollar rebounds and product prices go down for all of us.

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