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Thread: June shipment arrival?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stilty View Post
    Received my order today. Big thanks to Spencer for personally taking care of me.
    Thanks for the positive feedback I will pass in onto Spencer


    Flat rate shipping to Canada is 25.00USD on all accessory and ammunition orders regardless of quantities ordered. Firearms are exported to Canada at a flat rate of 25.00USD per firearm.

    The IRUNGUNS Team

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    First time ordering from IRG and am really happy!! Just got my Evo Elite trigger kit in yesterday for my Glock 17 Gen 4. Absolutely fantastic trigger kit. My only issue was CanPar's terminal is too far in case it didn't get delivered... I'll probably pay extra for Canada Post or UPS next time.

    Now I just have to wait until the Advantage Arms conversion kits are back in stock :3

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    Package received I worked at home for a while so I wouldn't miss the delivery since it's such a pain to pick up at Canpar. The delivery guy, whom I have never seen before because I'm never home for deliveries, says "You must have an arsenal down there now". Yikes. Time to to switch to Canada Post.

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    Wrong thread. This is the june import for 2016

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