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Thread: New Range Ventilation is Finally Coming! Closure notice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_trout View Post
    I'm glad to hear you are doing it right. The cost is high but this is the right way to do it. That 80fpm spec is backed by the NRA in their indoor range design publication, which itself comes from the US military specification for ranges.

    This is almost the exact same system that we did with the RCMP training academy ranges in Regina.

    Occasionally some users do gripe about the unwanted breeze coming up behind them (I personally like it) but people need to remember that these ventilation systems are not installed for the comfort of the shooters. First and foremost they were designed for OH&S reasons. While a recreation shooter is only in the range occasionally and voluntarily and risk very little lead exposure, the people who actually work at the range are there many hours a day, day in day out. Their safety is more important than the shooter's comfort.

    For those curious where the 80fpm number comes from, it is sort of interesting and it definitely wasn't pulled out of a hat.

    The ideal minimum is 75fpm across the firing line (typically supplied by a pressurized perforated plenum wall behind the shooters). The air velocity must be maintained at around 30fpm for at least half way down the range before it reaches the bullet trap and the air must remain turbulence free. If the air velocity is too low or if there is too much turbulence the lead dust will begin to quickly accumulate on the floor. This is another hazard if there is no motorized target retrieval system and users track the dust back to the shooting line. Even with adequate ventilation you still need frequent wet mopping of the floor and a respirator should be worn by staff when cleaning up around the bullet traps.

    Long story short, lead is no joke. I am glad to hear you are doing the right thing for you and your staff.

    No one wants to see a repeat of the incident at Wade's Eastside Guns back in 2012 (46 people severely poisoned, including families of people who worked there).
    good info! thanks

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    Dang.. I paid in full 5 months ago.. Still waiting to shoot.

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    So is the facility still closed? I want to join but want to wait until it is back to full operation.
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    All good. Go for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bacardi View Post
    So is the facility still closed? I want to join but want to wait until it is back to full operation.
    It's open and both ranges are up and running.

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    Is the ventilation system working? I went two weeks ago and they had a couple of fans blowing air from behind the firing position. I did not feel any other air circulating.
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    The ventilation is running smoothly on both ranges
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    Oh, that's interesting. But your new invention can be repaired like an ordinary air conditioner? Just wondering. We know how to fix an ordinary air conditioner, if even the most complex part breaks down, then we know if we ask for help from air conditioner repair servicing, and they'll fix it. Here we already know everything so it is not scary, and we will not panic if the air conditioner is broken. And if your new invention breaks down, how to fix it and who do you ask for help?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoanneFraser View Post
    Oh, that's interesting. But your new invention can be repaired like an ordinary air conditioner? Just wondering.
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    Holy necro thread....

    What's interesting is that during the COVID shut down, we actually did another upgrade to the HVAC, completely replacing the duct work, sealing up the bays better and re-balancing. The difference is very noticeable.

    And yes... it is a normal piece of equipment that is repairable by any qualified HVAC tech.

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