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Thread: M305 18.5" or 22" barrel

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    M305 18.5" or 22" barrel

    Hey all, I've been doing a fair amount of research on these guns lately, and i've been quite on the fence about either getting the 18.5" barrel or the 22" I apologize if this discussion has been brought up previously. My main concerns are that it's a fairly heavy gun to begin with and was just curious about if the weight reduction and maneuverablity would be a good way to go and sacrifice the 3.5" of barrel length? I do prefer the look of the longer barrel better, and I would ideally like to hold both before I make a purchase but I can't seem to find any stores in my area with them in stock so I was hoping for some personal experiences from you guys.

    Any and all information is much appreciated!


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    Owned both...

    Shot both...

    Still own the 18.5" rifle and sold the longer version. They had the same accuracy, it basically comes down to the look you want.

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