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Thread: need help with norinco m14 and new factory stock

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    need help with norinco m14 and new factory stock

    hey guys,

    I bought my m14 2 years ago and the first thing I did is get an Archangel stock which I've been using ever since.
    I just got a used Norinco factory stock from a member here and for some reason it wont fit. What am I doing wrong ?



    The stock group is an integral part of the the M14 rifle design: the trigger group and the receiver group may require "fitting" to a stock, in particular if the receiver or stock is out of specification. See Gus Fisher's write up here for a detailed explanation of stock group fitment on the M1 and M14 platforms.
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    I've never been a fan of the 'Archangel' stock. The Blackfeather, however, is a work of art! Stunning.

    With regards fitting the stock, I bought an aftermarket wooden stock for my old M14 and it needed a good 30 minutes of work with file and dremel before it sat properly. Its likely you'll need to do something similar to yours....or, sell both the basic and archangel stocks on the EE and buy the blackfeather
    If selling on the EE, have the courtesy to reply to inquiries and properly DELETE the thread if sold -

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