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Thread: Aero Survival VS JRC Takedown Marine VS Sub 2k gen 2

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    May 2014
    love my sub2k gen 1 in 9mm. Ive put 1000 rounds down it. I waited 2 years too long to get it. There were so many nay sayers . Now gen two appeared in canada quicker than i thought . Not waiting 2 years. Im buying 2 of them. ive handled the jr in .40 not impressed. its not bad but at half again the price. not worth it.

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    I love my gen 1 sub2k as well. A few thousand rounds through it and no issues. Yes the front sight is poor but I find the tandemkross upgrade made a huge difference.

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    had a sub 2k gen 1....blew it up. My buddy had one also...also blew his up. both fired out of battery and cracked fold joint and magwell. maybe a bad batch as we both bought them at the same time. The keltec warranty was awesome, both replaced no questions...
    Also the sights on the sub2k are crappy......same quality as a nerf gun.....if you get one, replace the sights with red lion or something aftermarket....
    I sold my new replacement..never even opened the box, and bought a JR issues whatsoever, probably 2-3k rounds thru it now........really happy with it
    I am interested with anybodys experience with the aero survival?
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    I have the TNW. Officially bought it for my 11 year old daughter but dang it is so fun to shoot. Most friends who have shot it now want one too......and I am thinking I need to buy a 2nd one for myself. Over 1000 rounds though it and tried many different mags and only recently had two failure to load out of Korean made 40 cal. Glock mag from a friend we were trying for ####s and giggles.
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    I'm pretty happy with my TNW. Lots of fun to shoot. No FTF or FTE after about 500 rounds
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    Im in the same market for a 9mm carbine as well... just deciding what to swap/switch or sell for it .. :P I like TD over JR, Storms are awesome, but something about the Keltec's I just like, not sure .. probably the price, those or a Chiappa M-9... but I hear some good.. & bad about those...

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    I ended up going with CX4 storm

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    I agree with thureon defense! Best 9mm carbine ar (ish) option out there At the moment.
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    I didn't know there was a nickel JRC.
    I dunno, looks a little blingy, what say you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paatz View Post
    I didn't know there was a nickel JRC.
    I dunno, looks a little blingy, what say you?
    Haven't found work for a while but I'd be all over that if I had the cash.......
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