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Thread: Aero Survival VS JRC Takedown Marine VS Sub 2k gen 2

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    Jan 2015
    I have the JR and the Aero, both in 9mm. The JR is longer and heavier. The Aero catches the mag follower on the Glock brand magazines, so I use them in the JR and keep the aftermarket ones for the Aero. Both are decently accurate.
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    Jan 2013
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    I have a CX4 NR and a Sub 2K Gen 1. Love them both.

    I feel the CX4 is overall the better carbine, but I really like that the Sub 2K folds up nice and compact. Yes, the front sight is crappy, but I upgraded mine with a Red Lion indexing quad rail and their front sight...great a few other minor upgrades from Tandemcross and Tacticool.

    Every firearm has it's pros and cons...I have not regretted buying either one of these though.

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    I bought 2 Kel-Tec S2Ks and 2 new TNW aeros new. The keltecs were both gen 1. My opinion of the S2Ks is that they're absolute garbage. 115 grain ammo was very unreliable. 124 Blazer brass was extremely reliable, no stove pipes, light primer strikes, or FTFs like I had with rem UMC. The safety does engage with every round fired. After all issues are sorted out it'll be up for sale. The only real thing it has going for it is that it folds in half.

    As for the aero rifles. 1 was flawed out of the box and was self destructing with every round fired. The charging handle was slamming into the receiver. The warranty center wouldn't replace the rifle either. The dealer eventually replaced it. The second TNW is absolutely amazing. Complete ease of assembly and disassembly, well built, aluminum, vey accurate and reliable, I just wish the charging handle was on the left hand side, or could be swapped like the ejection port. Until then, it's not quite there for me, but so close.

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    Cx4 storm by far ! Better feel great out of the box just add an optic and you are GTG... Looks are optional lol!
    Jr carbine feels & looks like an über cheap sr22.

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    I have 2000 gen 2, my friend has Aero. He shot mine, I shot his. I love my 2000, he loves his Aero. I wouldn't trade mine, he wouldn't trade his. So, go figure. Buy what you like and you feel like. Both seems to be good.

    PS. Aero had crappy mag included (keeps on jamming once in a while). 2000 had original Glock mag. But we bought Pmags and some original Glock mags, which keep us happy.
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    Thureon is the cadillac of the bunch,,but hard to find and a bit pricey,,,closest thing to a non restricted AR as you're gonna get,

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    I plan on buying the CX4 Storm. Looks and last shot hold open is a real plus for me.
    It may shoot well but the Thureon Defense is the ugliest of the bunch in my opinion, wouldn't buy under that reason alone. But that's just me.

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    I've only shot the Aero and am happy with it.
    No problems with any mags I've tried. That includes the one that came with the gun.
    Contrary to popular opinion, the sights that come with it are ok -- not great -- but ok.
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