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Thread: Savage Axis/Model 11

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    Savage Axis/Model 11

    i know that you like Savages, and have followed a lot of your builds on them, so I figured you might be able to help me out. I've got a .223 Axis at the house with a screwed up barrel, and I've got a take-off barrel from a Model 11. (The model 11 is now wearing the Shilen that you got me). My question is: are the thread pattern the same for the Axis and Model 11? Can I replace the barrel on the Axis, and install a proper recoil lug? Would I just need the lug, and a new barrel nut?

    Thanks for any info/help

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    Kev, the Savage STANDARD shank and Axis share the same thread pattern... they use the same barrels.

    Dont bother with the recoil lug unless you want to do some surgery to your stock....

    Just remove the Axis barrel, headspace the factory Savage barrel, reuse the Axis nut and life is good. If you properly bed the axis into the stock, it will work just fine with this level of recoil.

    PM or email if you have further questions.



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