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Thread: Mystic Precision is on FACEBOOK

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    Mystic Precision is on FACEBOOK

    As my kids said, welcome to the "early" 21st century... Yep, Mystic Precision is finally on Facebook.

    Please have a visit and like so you can keep up with all the cool stuff we are doing this year.

    There will be specials to promote the page. There will be LOTS of tech throughout the year.

    Website is also being rebuilt and that will help make it much easier to have questions answered.... I am going to merge as much useful info on my site so it becomes far easier to find.

    Open to any suggestions and tips... unlike the 1/2 billion already there, I haven't got a clue but willing to learn.

    So have a visit and see you on Facebook.

    And no, I am not going to tweet or instagram.... maybe in another 10 years :-)


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    This is good news !! I will put the link on the PQRA facebook page as well !
    Robert "Bob" Fortier, Président ATPQ / PQRA
    F/TR shooter sponsored by Mystic Precision

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    Great idea to revamp and improve the website as for Facebook for me nope..
    Shoot often and safely... We stand as one or not at all

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