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Thread: Impressed doesn't even begin to explain!

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    I've dealt with Omer a number of times and now I live in the area have met him and gotten to know him in person. A super guy - 100% legit and a great person to do business with.

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    Agreed to what everybody said:

    Bought several higher end scopes (to me) actually they are more like mid level or entry level according to the optics he carries ( I don't have three or four grands to spend on glass) but got nothing but exc service.

    He did spend over half an hour on several occasions on the phone trying to educate me about scopes and help to make my decision.

    He is also my first person to call when shop for scopes, can't beat his price and service he is an absolute asset to CGN community!

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    Omer at Plainsight Solution became my #1 source for quality optics. Quality service by a true gentleman.
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    I purchase 2 Swarovski scopes from Omer and the deals went smoothly. He suggested adjustable turrets for my .308 Sako and it was a good choice.

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    I would also like to say something about Omer. His customer service is outstanding. He has surpassed any level of professionalism I have seen in this industry. A stand up guy who stands behind his products. Do not hesitate to purchase from him or call for info. He is more than solid.

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    HE has been around for some time now and has nice stuff,top of the line and prices way better than all I have seen in top end optics,i never dealt with him on rifles ,but he has something with my name on it,just have to make the call,plus a nice very nice guy to talk to, he will do his best to help you,like BC BOY said a very stand up guy 100 percent.And these days it's hard to find a guy like him who will give you his best price to make it happen.

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    Normally I am willing to pay a bit extra for excellent customer service, but with Omer I didn't have to, in fact I payed less. Quick communication, honest answers, fast shipping, great warranty service, and excellent prices.

    And he really does stand behind what he sells.

    Just an all around good guy who obviously has very loyal customers.
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    you guys got contact for this guy?
    Operation Hennessey ishootpoliticians@gmail.com

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ottawa View Post
    you guys got contact for this guy?
    Contact info below.

    Jonathan Omer Hrbinic
    Tell: 1 (250) 747-4636 or 747-4637
    Cell: 1 (250) 991-1406

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    Another positive review for Omer! I recently bought a Bushnell AR223 scope from him - prices were more competitive than local retailers, even with shipping. I think it took 2 days max for the scope to show up at my door, and it was packaged quite well. Very pleased with my purchase, I'll definitely be back!

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