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Thread: New website up and running

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    Sorry, pricing and status is removed from the site for a reason... CURRENCY

    There is no way to keep up with the thousands of items I have available. That was a big negative on my last site for customers and me...I list a price, it goes out of date (higher or lower then it should be), customers complain.

    No way to keep things current... so I am not going to.

    Stuff is selling, coming in and going out fast. The US market is waking up again and stuff is changing hourly.

    If you want stuff, I can quote in real time for upcoming shipments. That is the best I can do. I find it pointless to have lists and lists of incorrect info or ones that say "not available".... when they might be.

    There is no way that I am going to have the 10's of thousands of possible items on a shelf... even the big boys have given up. I have access to them, keep a supply coming in and out, change that to suit current demands.

    I sense that needs and wants are changing faster then I have even seen in this industry.

    So don't hold your breath for lists and lists to spend hours looking through.... I can't afford the time. BUT I have lists and lists of stuff that you can purchase and all prices will be current and well priced for the market.

    Will I be the cheapest of everything... Yes, no, Maybe. I will be competitive as my many many customers have found. I will offer far more stuff geared to precision shooting and stuff that is very current. And I will offer realistic time lines to actually get the stuff into your hands.

    And the INFO to actually get the most out of these products.

    Being far more efficient and effective in keeping up with the very dynamic landscape.

    PM or Emails if you have an enquiry. Keep an eye on my Facebook page.. like me and you will get updates on new products.

    The goal of the website will be info and tech based.. this is something that has been very positive to my customers and saved them a ton of money.. and it doesn't change every morning.


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    Even if you don't have accurate pricing on there I would put USD or something for reference. I liked your old site a lot, I actually thought you were a different business when I went back the last time.

    It's a step backward, I understand it's a challenge to keep up, but I think this will cost customers. I almost bought a trigger elsewhere but was just told to go to you, I almost didn't and it was because of the site.

    Not bitching, constructive feedback.

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    This is probably tough feedback to get considering the time, money, and effort you have obviously put into this. I personally find it very frustrating to go to a businesses website to check what they have available and how much only to find links to the manufacturers sites or a request to contact. I can go to their sites directly myself if I want. I am on your site because I want to know what you have and how much you charge. I dont want the hassle of having to email you. I liked your old website!

    Unfortunately I think your new model of emailing for inventory amd price will cost you customers. People want easy. Many will just move on to the next vendor who does show stock and price. I get that this new model is far more convenient for you but i dont think it is for your customers.

    Food for thought.

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    A web site it supposed to do the work for you and create an easy buying process, Business 101.

    A website with no pricing or inventory status is alienating a HUGE customer base. There is nothing worse and I mean nothing worse
    than clicking on a manufacturers logo and being taken to their website from yours. Having to email and ask "do you have this in stock", "how much does it cost", "how much inventory do you have" and then having to wait to hear back from you and then again having to ask, "what methods of payment do you use", etc. People will go elsewhere. As a Customer I can say that when I want something I want it now.

    Let's address your 'Time Management' situation.

    You are too busy to update the pricing and inventory on your web site because you are spending all day answering the above questions. A properly designed site would eliminate 90% of those redundant
    back and forth correspondence. ie: Oh cool, 180 gr Sierra Match are in stock, showing 15 units, pay with Credit card. Done. If you don't have to time to update because you are so
    busy selling, then hire a part time staffer to update the website. 90% of the other business's on here have live pricing and inventory. Unfortunately; besides contact information, your website is primarily useless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 9mmGunGuy View Post
    x 2 ....

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    Well, appreciate all the comments and fully understand where you are coming from. The first site tried to do what you all want. It failed when my range of goods grew beyond the time it took to maintain.

    Let's say someone works really fast and can update each item in 30 seconds.... how long will it take to update 1000 items? 5000 items? 10,000 items?

    Then do it again a few days later when the dollar moves enough to matter?

    How do you merge the collective inventory of a range of supply options? I am not Amazon but at least I actually make money every quarter....

    Where I know I have lost business was good customers not knowing I had more stuff then what was listed on my site.

    Then having to do the whole "prices subject to change without notice" cause the price on the site is no longer current. Customers seem to want the low price but don't like it when it goes to the "right" price.

    And on it goes.

    I am not going to please everyone. It is balance of time, costs and return. With the dollar jumping around, it makes even less sense. I bet there is a bunch of business being lost by another dealer with a click to shop portal.

    I followed a link in another post. They have priced an item based on the exchange 3wks ago.

    They are now on the wrong side of the exchange rate. Yeah, their numbers are way out to lunch. Where will it be next week?

    When will they be able to correct? Will they even notice? How happy are you clicking on some very expensive product?

    You want fast, fast, fast... currency changes every day and right now it is moving heaps. Do you want to pay the old bad exchange rate or the current good one?

    My website is to let all know the full range of stuff I can offer... it is quite substantial and will continue to grow. The real benefit to my customers is the info and tech that it will provide. This info and help is what saves them time and money.

    The customers that don't have any issue dealing with me know that I will always have current and competitive prices AND be able to offer the info they need to make good buying decisions.

    I get a number of irate customers each month who have clicked their way into spending big dollars on a range of stuff that doesn't work... no one to help and no after sales support. A few quick emails and the right products... they are enjoying the performance they wanted.

    I guess I can say "click to shop" has been very good for my business :-)

    Catering to Precision and competition shooters takes more then just providing a bunch of stuff. Someone has to help to make sure the parts complement each other and that they are keeping up with the best of options. There is no click portal that will do that.

    I am old school and enjoy making sure the customer will get what they need and want. Maybe it is slow. Maybe it is not smart phone friendly.

    I am not trying to be a Walmart or McDonalds... I am offering the leading edge of info and products for competitive and precision oriented shooters.

    And sometimes to be of good service, you need to do more then asking "if they want fries with their order"

    So far business has been very good.


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    Tha tangent scope is nice!

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    I do miss the pricing being listed. While I understand the challenges of updating prices, it is not that onerous of a job really I managed with over 17000 SKU's to do it in a 2 hour session.

    That said, you have a good business Jerry, and love the look of the new site!
    RIP Stefan Kondolay.

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    Some great pics on the new site. I was happy to see your review on the Tangent Theta. I also compared it to a S&B PM II and was most happy with the wider perceived field of view. The very edge may not be as crisp where it transitions to black but the field of view more than makes up for that. You know how some scopes look like the sight picture is too small and surrounded by lots of black, like looking through a long tunnel? Well the TT certainly doesn't suffer from that.

    It would have been a bonus for you to do the tracking test had I known you wanted to do one, but so far the scope is nothing short of perfection. It looks like dealing in these scopes should be as easy for you as it for your customers.

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