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Thread: Customer review of Tenda.

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    Dec 2016
    New Brunswick
    Great service and great prices. Have dealt with them twice and will be buying from them again in the future.

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    Tenda has been pretty good overall. The only issue is that I purchased a boresighter as part of a larger boxing day order and it's never arrived. I got a note with the original order saying that it was going to be arriving in a follow up delivery and never did. I've contacted Bob a few times, but I really have no idea what's happened with it and haven't gotten much in terms of a response. It's put a bit of a damper on my ordering anything further from them until it's resolved.

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    Just like the previous writer, I had an item (a riser) in a shipment last year that was paid for but not shipped, just a pencilled note on the packing slip saying out of stock! 2 months later I got a substitute, only after complaining.
    Yes, prices and selection may be good but it’s hit or miss when it comes to prompt and complete shipping!
    8 days and counting now for a simple, no transfer required, in stock order! Yes, I e-mailed 2 days ago and Bob says they’re backlogged - so?
    The order contains a holster for my wife, she says “we should have got it from the others guys”.
    Meanwhile the order is still in “Processing”!


    After this posting and sending Tenda another e-mail, I heard back from Bob that the ordered holster “seems to not be in stock”! I’ve requested the full order be cancelled with an immediate refund on the credit card; will now buy the WSM2 holster from”the other guys” ��
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    Ordered my AR on March 9th
    Transfer was initiated on the 13th
    Transfer approved on the 14th

    ...Had to call them to ask them what was happening with my order.

    finally shipped on the 20th

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    Tenda has been awesome to deal with. Great customer service when an issue arises and fantastic prices.

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    These guys are AWESOME! I bought 1000 rounds of S&W .40 and it took a couple days to ship.. so I called and asked it if was on the way.. they told me it was back ordered but would ship out as soon as possible. The next day I got a package with 500 rounds and a I-O-U .. the rest came a few days later. I called and asked why did you not just wait.. the guy said when you called you told us your range day was Thursday so we wanted you to have some ammo before range day.. what an awesome experience and great customer service.. I would have been fine to wait but they won my business forever because of the amazing service.

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    Chatham, Ontatio
    I just ordered some magazines from them - going to pick them up this weekend since i have never been to there store before - so far a flawless and fast transaction!

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    Taxation is Theft
    I once ordered "Reloadable" HIRTENBERGER 308.
    It turned out to be berdan primed.

    Tenda promptly changed the description on their website to read: "RELOADABLE (Berdan primed)" and then closed the discussion thread.
    Problem solved?

    All of my experiences have been good except that one.

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    To me they are slow AF to ship, but I'm fine with that. I order large amount of reloading components, so I can plan orders long before I run out of anything.

    I just wish they would find a way to get rid of the powder surcharge. They have great prices on powders but with the sucharge it gets way too expensive.

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    Had good service and would buy from them again. From Labrador.

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