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Thread: The fight of our lives

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    Quote Originally Posted by scott_r View Post
    Well unfortunately most gun owners work 1 if not 2 jobs. If I had all the time in the world, collected my cheque from the gov't and cried discrimination to anyone who listened maybe over a century Id get something done too. You want change its gonna be with the younger generation. Get your kids educated and shooting. Get them involved in the community and let them rise to be leaders. Id rather not act as a douche bag low life to get on the CBC or a politician's ear. Getting a casino on your reserve is far from a victory...thats a trojan horse no different from giving them booze back in the day....keep em in poverty..what will they do? As for the gay rights.....gays always had rights in Canada...only thing they have is a stupid parade and they can go to town hall and get a piece of paper that says they're married.
    If group has made some big head way its the Pot heads....they are actually seeing some significant laws change in their favor. Something many many Canadians are doing time for is gonna be completely legal very soon. They did not make this happen with illegal blockades, parades or crying discrimination.
    The real truth is that CGN as a whole is a very divisive group...most people on here troll and slag others and just generally rude people. There are some genuine solid folks here but most only care about themselves and nobody else. We've got the east Ont vs west Alta/ guns vs fudds..trophy hunters vs meat hunters ect ect ect.
    I foresee this getting locked...Im not looking for trouble so PEACE OUT!!!
    Whether or not gay marriage and casinos on reserves are net positives for society is not the point. The point is that those people got what they wanted.

    Potheads did not make any headway. Pot is getting legalized because the government can no longer afford to prosecute and incarcerate everyone who buys and sells it. When millions of Canadians start buying and selling guns on the black market without bothering with PALs and registration, perhaps gun control will go away on its own. Until then, you need a better strategy.

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    It won't be long before all handguns and semi-autos are outright banned with liberals in power. This is where they are headed with their socialist (new politically correct term for communist) ideas. At least the americans have the 2nd amendment, even with that they are struggling. What do we Canadians have? Nothing right now just hope and prayer that more guns don't convert to prohibited status. To all the naysayers, never underestimate the socialist propaganda machine on a herd of sheep. Guns are just scapegoats for governments incompetence in preventing mass shootings, but unfortunately lots of people are still scared of them so the tactic works.

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